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Why Are There Bugs In My Firewood?

Bugs are attracted to firewood because it is a good source of food and shelter. Firewood often contains insects and their larvae, which can be a food source for bugs. In addition, firewood can provide shelter for bugs from the elements and predators. Bugs are also attracted to the warmth of firewood, which can provide a comfortable environment for them to live in.

Living in Northern California probably means you’ve got a pile of firewood, but how do you prevent bugs from taking it over? Fortunately, there are several tips you can use, including contacting AAI Pest Control. Let’s look at some things you can do for yourself before you make that call.

How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Firewood

Before we tell you what to do, we have one very important thing to mention that you shouldn’t do. Never, ever treat firewood with any type of insecticide. Doing so won’t take care of the bugs, but it could cause you to end up dealing with dangerous fumes.

Stack Firewood Away from Your Home

Whenever you have a stack of firewood, you run the risk of getting bugs. Therefore, to protect your home from termites and other wood-destroying organisms, you must keep your firewood a minimum of three feet away from any building. It’s best to store your firewood on the other side of the yard from your home.

When You Should Cut Your Wood

Preventing bugs from infesting your woodpile requires you to cut it during the late fall. There will be less dangerous bugs active at this time, which makes it ideal for getting firewood ready.

Get Rid of Surface Pests

Before you take your firewood inside, ensure that you shake it out and look it over with a careful eye. Knocking the firewood together is another great way to get any pests to fall to the ground.

Follow First In, First Out Rule

You can also avoid having your firewood become infested by burning the oldest wood first. This is a great practice to make a habit of because it will often prevent pests from making a home in your firewood. It’s a good idea to re-stack the wood frequently. This will keep you from accidentally burning newer wood first.

Burn Your Firewood as Soon as it’s Brought Indoors

You may not be able to prevent every last bug from hiding inside your firewood. However, you can avoid having any bugs get loose in your home by putting the wood immediately in the fireplace.

Get Rid of Indoor Pests

If any bugs do come inside your home, be sure to vacuum them up immediately. Although most of the pests that live in your firewood aren’t harmful, you’ll sometimes pick up carpenter ants or even termites. Don’t let them begin eating away at your home’s structure.

Keep Firewood Off the Ground

Raising your firewood off the ground by utilizing a firewood grate, brick, or concrete blocks is a great idea. Not only does this eliminate the risk of something at ground level getting into your wood but it also helps maintain airflow. This is important because airflow helps avoid moisture buildup.

Keep Firewood Away from Trees

Bugs getting into your firewood pile is a big enough problem on its own. If your firewood is kept near trees, your problem could become even worse. Some of the insects that love to hang out in firewood also have the potential to cause massive damage to trees. Keep them away from your trees at all costs!

Avoid Using Firewood That’s Not Local

Finally, don’t use firewood that’s been brought into your area. You should always stick with local firewood, instead. Otherwise, you’re at risk of bringing new, invasive pests to your yard. If you happen to have any firewood that’s not local, make sure you burn it immediately to reduce the possible damage.

Use a Bug Control Company to Make Things Safe

If all else fails, you can use a professional bug control company to ensure that your woodpile is safe. Contact the team at AAI Pest Control to learn more about how we can help!

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