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TAP® Insulation, short for Thermal Acoustical Pest Control, is an ingenious solution we offer at AAI Pest Control that not only enhances your home’s insulation but also aids in pest management. Our certified technicians specialize in installing this insulation in your attic, creating a barrier that helps control crawling insects, including pesky termites. Plus, it does wonders in regulating your home’s temperature, keeping it cozy in winter and cool in summer, all while cutting down on your energy bills throughout the year. Homeowners love it for its eco-friendly materials and its long-term pest control features. 

As your local licensed TAP® Insulation installer, AAI Pest Control takes pride in providing Modesto residents with this exceptional insulation solution that doubles as an effective pest deterrent. 

What sets TAP® Pest Control Insulation apart?   

TAP is not just great for maintaining ideal temperatures indoors; it’s also infused with borate, making it a formidable pest controller. Critters can’t develop resistance to this substance, ensuring protection against a wide range of common pests such as: 

The perks of choosing TAP® Insulation go beyond temperature and pest management. It’s a proactive step towards a pest-free home and offers: 

  • Improved temperature regulation year-round 
  • Substantial energy savings that could cover its cost over time 
  • 32% higher efficiency compared to fiberglass insulation 
  • Enhanced fire resistance 
  • Management of attic-invading pests 
  • Reduced noise levels indoors 
  • Eco-friendly credentials, boasting an Energy STAR certification and made mostly from recycled paper 
  • Compatibility with existing insulation 
  • Lifetime warranty, eliminating the need for replacements 

TAP Pest Control Insulation Services in Modesto 

AAI Pest Control is committed to minimizing conditions that attract pests to your property. Our insulation services, featuring TAP® Insulation, significantly lower the risk of pest invasions. Whether it’s a new or existing structure, our licensed technicians possess the expertise to install TAP® Insulation effectively. Reach out to us today to discover more about TAP and how it can benefit your home!

TAP® Insulation Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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