How to get rid of bees and wasps

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Summers in Northern California are so blissful. The sweet scent of the flowers, the whispering trees, the gentle breeze and your peace is interrupted by the buzz of bees and wasps. Further investigation leads to an unwanted beehive or wasps nest. If your house is infected by either wasps or bees, not to worry! Take control of the situation and there are effective ways in which you can get rid of both!

Honeybees are actually good for your garden and the environment

But if you have an established colony in the garden, and you have children who play near the garden, it may be time to take some action. The best time to relocate an established colony is in late winter or early spring. The population is small at that point of time. Do not attempt to plug the hole or remove the nest yourself, the agitated bees might use some unused exits and have been known to cause even more havoc. Honey bees are gradually decreasing. They actually help to maintain the ecological balance of nature. If you can, you can ask the help of a beekeeper who specialize in removing the honey bees and relocating them in a beehive of his own.

Ways to eliminate unwanted wasps

Like all pests, wasps are naturally attracted towards food, especially food rich in sugar content or meat items. Other things that may instigate them are your flower gardens or trash cans on the side of the house. Food should not be left out in the open, and the trash cans need to be cleared regularly. If a portion of the house or garden is identified to have a wasp problem, then you should not disturb them as they are easily agitated.

Wasps are by nature territorial, and they will never build a colony or a nest, if they find out that there is an existing colony. You can actually put up a fake nest, which is sold by online retailers to repel them. You can also make it yourself with a grocery bag and some good twines. You just need to crumble the bag and leave it close to where you suspect the wasps will be building the colony.

Any flying bugs have specially designed eyes. If you hang a sandwich bag filled with water along with a penny, you will distract them. Some say that it looks like a giant web to them. Others feel that the reflection of the water is too bright for the eyes.

If you want to get rid of the wasps at one go, do not attack them during daytime, when they are very active. It is always better to choose night time, when they are most vulnerable. You should wear proper protective gear. We don’t recommend doing this yourself, please trust a professional pest control technician with the proper tools to manage the job.

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