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Roaches are surely on the list of the most unwanted visitors you could ever have in your house. The thought of these creepers crawling over your property, your personal belongings, your food, even your skin, can send you screaming for help. Roaches can do damage to your clothes, books, and other things. They will eat your food, leaving droppings, dead skin and other allergens and contaminants on their trail. People living in a house with roaches can easily get sick because of the diseases these insects bring.

Roaches are so resilient

This may be the reason why getting rid of them is more difficult than getting rid of other types of pests. They won’t care if you live in a big house or small house. They prefer dark and dingy places, but they can’t be prevented from entering a neat house either. They can enter through the smallest cracks in your property. They can even live through an insecticide attack. Worse of all, they reproduce frequently and in huge numbers so an infestation is always a high possibility once one of them enters your home.

So, how to get rid of roaches? The good news is that there are ways that have been proven effective. Try them if they will work for you – and do it fast before the roaches take over:   

The hunger strike.

Roaches love to hang out in your home mainly because of one thing: food. To get rid of them, get rid of the food that makes them come back again and again. Remember that roaches are not discriminating when it comes to their dinner, so hunt around for possible food sources for them:

  • Keep all your food in airtight containers. Don’t leave any edible uncovered.
  • Clean up after eating and food preparation. Even the smallest crumbs in your kitchen are an open invitation for roaches.  
  • Don’t leave stagnant water out. Drain sinks and tubs and keep toilets covered.   
  • Be vigilant about cleaning. Regularly vacuum hidden corners and wipe down surfaces  with cleanser and water or a vinegar and baking soda mixture.
  • Wash your dishes immediately after use.

The trap and attack. Being obsessive about cleanliness in your home is the defensive approach to roach elimination. Most of the time, though, you will need to level up your game with an aggressive trap and attack campaign to really shoo the roaches away. Some of the DIY methods and tools used to stop roaches on their tracks include the following:

Sticky sheets. Place the traps on the places they most likely crawl on.

Spray anti-roach insecticide in strategic places in the house.

Poison them with cockroach bait.

Use a homemade formula of boric acid and flour.

Call in the exterminators. Admittedly, most of the methods mentioned above can require a lot of work and patience. Many of them are messy and time-intensive to execute. Moreover, coming in contact with some of the ingredients can be dangerous for humans. If you want a fast, safe, sure and long-term solution to your problem, the best thing to do is to get help from the professionals. Expert pest exterminators will apply the right anti-roach approach according to your specific situation. Get rid of roaches once and for all and call a pest control service today.

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