Pests can be problematic when they are in or around your home. They can disrupt your sense of control and also can bring with them bacteria and disease. If gone untreated, pests like termites, carpenter ants, and wildlife can do serious damage to the structure of your home.

Keeping pests away from your home and family is important, and that’s why we offer our comprehensive residential pest control services. We understand the ins and outs of eliminating every pest problem that can occur at your home and we work hard to keep it pest free.

GreenPRO Services

As the concerns of our customers shift to include the health of the environment so do our residential pest control methods. We offer cleaner pest control solutions for customers who are interested in a more environmentally friendly treatment 

Pest Control Services

Ant Control
Bee & Wasp Control
Beetle Control
Bed Bug Control
Flea Control
Gopher & Ground Squirrel Control
Mosquito Control
Cockroach Control
Rodent Control
Silverfish Control
Snail & Slug Control
Termite Control

DIY Treatments

There are lots of pest repellants, sprays and traps on the market. While some may aid in temporarily removing or repelling pests, it doesn’t always help to get to the source of the problem and get rid of them for good.

Pests like rodents and insects like cockroaches, mosquitoes and ants have a very rapid reproduction rate so small problems can lead to a big infestation quickly. This also makes completely getting rid of them on your own very difficult.

Removing certain wildlife like gopher and ground squirrels can be dangerous as they may attack if you get too close. Bees and wasps will also sting if they feel threatened, leading to painful welts or an emergency situation for those who suffer from allergic reactions.

Leveraging the expertise of our technicians for residential pest control is highly recommended for the safest and most effective way to remove pests from your home or property.

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Our Pest Control Approach

Our approach is a simple five-step process designed for most effective pest control and best customer experience.

Step 1

At your scheduled appointments, we notify you of our arrival and discuss any pest problems you may have experienced since your last service. This will enable your technician to work closely with you to custom fit the service to your home and property.

Step 2

We inspect your home, inside and out to identify where and how severe the pest control issue is. Our technicians find where the pests are accessing the property, where food, water and harborages exist that may be attracting them and develop exclusion recommendations to eliminate the pest. We also identify “trouble spots” which may be susceptible to infestation in the future.

Step 3

We create and implement a custom treatment plan for you based on the inspection. We treat the infected areas as well as the “trouble spots” to provide a barrier to your home that will eliminate entry in the future.

Step 4

We alert you when the service is complete, obtain your signature on the invoice and collect any payment due.

For the best customer service, we offer an annual pest control service agreement that comes with a service-to-service guarantee. That means that if you’re not satisfied with your service (for any reason), just call us and we’ll come back out and take care of the problem at no additional cost to you.

Call AAI today or use our EZ Schedule to have your pest problems eliminated with our effective residential pest control service…you’ll be glad you did!