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Many people fear or dislike spiders but, for the most part, they are beneficial because of their role as predators of insects and other arthropods, and most cannot harm people. Spiders that might injure people—for example, black widows—generally spend most of their time hidden under furniture or boxes, or in woodpiles, corners, or crevices. The spiders commonly seen out in the open during the day are unlikely to bite people.

Remember that spiders are primarily beneficial and their activities should be encouraged in the garden. Pesticide control is difficult but necessary. The best approach to controlling spiders in and around the home is to remove hiding spots for secretive spiders such as black widows and regularly clean webs off the house with brushes and vacuums. Having a trained pest control technician inspect the home or property for any hidden nests is always a good idea.

Tips for Control

Spiders may enter houses and other structures through cracks and other openings. They also may be carried in on items like plants, firewood, and boxes. Regular vacuuming or sweeping of windows, corners of rooms, storage areas, basements, and other seldom used areas helps remove spiders and their webs. Vacuuming spiders can be an effective control technique because their soft bodies usually do not survive this process. Indoors, a web on which dust has gathered is an old web that is no longer being used by a spider.

Typically pesticide control is difficult unless you actually see the spider and are able to treat it directly. Our technicians are well trained and will be glad to inspect any undetected nests or infestations you may not see right away.

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