California has some of the most pleasant year-round weather in the country. Unfortunately, the state’s mild climate is also a big attraction for mosquitoes. During the summertime, these blood-lusting insects are especially problematic for the city of Modesto and surrounding areas. In order to stay safe, local homes and businesses must take a few preventative measures. Let’s take a closer look at the dangers of mosquitoes and how to keep them at bay.

Why Are Mosquitoes Such Dangerous Pests?

Since the dawn of humanity, mosquitoes have always been around to cause trouble. While the majority of mosquito bites only cause mild inflammation, there’s always at least a small chance for you to become sick. Some experts actually consider mosquitoes to be the most dangerous animals in the world. Malaria, yellow fever, and the Zika virus are just a few of the diseases that have been spread by these parasites. Furthermore, infected mosquitoes can also cause family pets to suffer from heartworms.

Why Are Mosquitoes So Difficult to Control?

When relaxing outdoors, nothing is more frustrating than being attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes. Body heat sensors help mosquitoes to quickly locate their target. The smell of carbon dioxide is also a big attraction. It’s a sign that warm-blooded animals are somewhere nearby.

It’s no secret why mosquitoes have been existence for millions of years. These ancient insects have superior survivor skills. This is why modern repellent devices such as bug zappers often prove to be ineffective. Moreover, mosquitoes actually only have a few natural predators. Although bats and dragonflies may feed on mosquitoes, they can only put a small dent in the total population.

What Can You Do To Avoid Having Mosquitoes?

For starters, be sure to eliminate any standing water on your property. Mosquitoes will use the stagnant water to breed their young. Even a small bottle cap can harbor hundreds of eggs. Storm drains, flower pots, and birdbaths can all collect excess water. Never leave dog bowls outside during the rain.

When hosting a cookout, don’t be surprised if mosquitoes try to crash the party. Lighting a few citronella torches in the yard may help keep them away. Mosquitoes can’t fly well in windy conditions. The breeze from a portable fan on the porch will give you an extra degree of protection. Also, develop a habit of emptying the trash on a regular basis. Garbage cans are like a playground for these insects.

Remember, mosquitoes can also get inside of your home. Make sure your windows and doors remain tightly sealed. Broken screens need to be replaced immediately.

Call a Professional

To enjoy a greater peace of mind, the best approach is to call AAI Pest Control. Our fully licensed technicians can treat your property before mosquitoes even become a problem. We offer environmentally friendly solutions that don’t jeopardize the health of your family. You’ll finally be able to enjoy being outdoors without the presence of mosquitoes. Residents in the Modesto area have long trusted us to get the job done.

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