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When you think of AAI, naturally you think of pest control. However, over the years we realized that pest control goes hand in hand with lawn and yard care. Now, we’re a one-stop-shop for both pest control and numerous other lawn and yard services.

Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA

Professional Yard and Lawn Care Service

We are professional and well-trained in both pest control and yard service, allowing you the convenience of working with just one company to manage two different home services. From lawn fertilization to weed control, tree injections to gopher services, and more, our technicians are licensed and equipped to assist you in whatever you may need in and around your home and business.

How Are Pest Control and Lawn Care Services Related?

You may be wondering what makes a pest control service capable of handling lawn care services. When you think about it, many pests start – or even stay – outside the home. Pests such as mosquitoes, rodents, aphids and gophers can affect your lawn as much as or more than they impact the inside of your home.

Doesn’t it make sense that the same people who are invested in keeping your yard and home free from pests would care about keeping your lawn look its best, too? That’s why our technicians are thoroughly trained in both pest control and lawn care services – maintaining your yard just makes sense when we’re at your home for pest control services anyway!

In a day and age when many of us have more services than we even realize, combine two services into one and let AAI Pest Control handle both your pest control and lawn care service needs.

Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA

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Lawn & Yard Service Includes:

  • Lawn Fertilization with custom-blended fertilizers and weed killers leaves you with a healthy lawn that will make your grass and neighbors green with envy.
  • Weed Control program reduces rodent and insect harborages, enhances your home’s beauty and curb appeal, and protects your landscaping and lawn.
  • Tree Injection uses lower volumes of insecticides while providing better results and minimizes insecticide contact with people, pets, and wildlife. Tree injections often fight off insects through an entire season, as well, saving you from repeated pesticide applications.
  • Roses Care with Rose Guard protects your precious blooms from devastating aphids and whiteflies by injecting a systemic insecticide into the soil around the rose bushes.
  • Gopher Damage Repair removes the pesky rodents humanely and restores your lawn or garden to its previous beauty.
Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA

More About AAI’s Lawn Care Service

Our weed and fertilization services will help solve the problem of unwanted weeds that may be rooting in your yard. In fact, if you are struggling to maintain your yard for any reason, we are happy to help.

We have years of experience helping people maintain healthy, beautiful lawns in Contra Costa County, San Joaquin County, Stanislaus County, Elk Grove, Galt, Delhi, Hilmar, Livingston, Winton, Dublin, Livermore, and Pleasonton.

Our services are more than just mowing the lawn; we take diligent care of your property so we have the opportunity to earn your business long-term. Our goal is for you to want to be part of the AAI Pest Control family for life.

Call 209-308-8454 today to learn more.

Lawn and Yard Service Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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