In years past, insecticide sprays and soil treatments were the most common methods used by tree care professionals for controlling tree pests. Today, injections that place insecticides directly inside trees are producing greater results and doing so with other key advantages such as:

  • Using much lower volume of insecticides with better results
  • Injections can be applied even during windy and rainy weather
  • Insecticides are put directly into the tree where they primarily affect insects feeding on the tree which minimized contact by people, wildlife and other non-targeted organisms.

Benefits of Tree Injections

Tree injections can control many pests such as aphids, borers, white flies, japanese beetles, leafhoppers, leafminers, scale insects and thrips. Some of these insects, by piercing into leaves and stems, cause a steady drip of sticky sap onto cars, driveways, walkways and lawn areas. This sap can be extremely difficult to wash off and causes dirt, leaves and lawn clippings ro stick which creates visible stains.

Service Process

Tree injections are applied to trees in a way that the place the insecticides beneath the bark and into the tree’s water conducting system. Think of it as a tree vaccine. The insecticide moves upward with the flow of the sap, and becomes concentrated in the leaves and shoots. Depending on how quickly the incesticide breaks down in the tree, it may continue to be effective through the entire growing season.


Tree injections are most effective when the incesticide is placed only into the outermost one or two rings of the tree. A pre-measured hole is punched into the tree to a precise depth. A plastic plug is inserted into the hole to protect the tree and provide the technician with a puncture point to inject the tree and a plug to hold the insecticide under the bark. Tree injections can de done any time of the year but are most effective when done in the spring.

Tree Injection Service Guarantee

At AAI Pest Control we are extremely confident in our tree injection service and we would like to pass that confidence on to you with our One Year Guarantee. Contact AAI Pest Control today to schedule your appointment with one of our tree injection specialists and receive a free quote on your property.

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