Be Brave About Beetles

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Beetles are found in almost all climactic regions with an exception of polar and saltwater regions. They are mostly found on land, and some can be seen in freshwater bodies too. But they have some unique habits. Want to know more about them?

Habits of Beetles

There are a number of beetles which are quite destructive in nature. They will feed on a number of items both organic and inorganic. For instance, they will feed on woolens, furs and stored skins. The larvae produced by them can often destroy carpets and rugs. Beetles are known to adapt their bodies to different climactic zones and they are great survivors in adverse weather conditions. Beetles are difficult to find, as some of them can actually camouflage their bodies so that they are not visible to the predators. Types like cryptic beetles can blend seamlessly with leaves and tree bark and other parts of the environment.

Specimens like jewel beetles have shiny and bright colors. These colors actually help them to find their prey. At times they can use the color to stupefy the predators. Some have a bright spot on their bodies which look just like an eye. This is known as the elytra. If they display the elytra, it looks like a big eye which may stun the predators. This gives ample time to the beetles to fly off. You will be surprised to know that mimicry is a weapon that the beetles use to distract the predators. They mimic like other insects, and they can be quite difficult to catch.

There are four stages to the life cycle of the beetle. It starts with an egg, goes to larva, then moves on to pupa and lastly it becomes an adult. The growth pattern is famously known as metamorphosis. Female beetles will always lay eggs on places where food is plenty. The larva of certain species has a protective shield to avoid dangers. There are some species of beetles which reproduce every year. For others, it takes as long as five years to complete the metamorphosis.

Behavior of Beetles

Most beetles are distinguished from other insects with the help of their wings. The wings in the front are mostly rigid and the wings in the back are membranous and can be used for flying. There are some species of beetles whose larvae are static in woods and are mostly immobile. Other species have a larva that can walk and even hunt smaller insects. Beetles have good senses, but they are not as well-developed like humans. Adult beetles rely mostly on sense of smell and too some extent on sight and touch for finding food and often finding mates. Most beetles sense ultraviolet light, so they have an extra-sensitive feeling.

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