Termite Inspections

When was the last time you had a Termite Inspection performed on your home or property? Many people get a termite inspection when they purchase their home but then forget about it. The fact is, termites are silent destroyers and you likely won’t know you have an infestation until it’s too late. Learn More

Termite Monitoring

Don’t just hope for the best… protect your home with AAI’s TermitePRO Monitoring. For as little as $25* per month, we’ll install discreet monitoring stations around your property and check them year round for any termite activity. When termites are found, we’ll treat them at no cost to you before they reach your home. *Please note that prices may vary depending on home size. No cost treatment applies to monitor location only. See actual TermitePRO Monitoring Agreement for full details. Learn More

Protection Agreement

AAI’s Termite Protection Agreement (TPA) provides homeowners with both quarterly monitoring of stations placed around your property and treatment of subterranean termites at no additional cost. Here’s what is included in a TPA: 1. We’ll inspect your home to identify any current termite activity. If termites are found, we’ll recommend treatment options to eliminate the infestations. 2. We’ll install termite…Learn more

Order Inspection

Termite Inspection Order Form At AAI Pest Control, we are dedicated to problem solving for our clients. We are grateful you have chosen us to manage your termite problem. Please fill out the below form to order a Termite inspection. Learn More

Escrow Reports

In California, there are no laws that require a Termite Inspection Report prior to the sale of a property. However, most financial institutions require a Termite Inspection Report prior to lending money on the property. AAI works in tandem with real estate agents, home buyers and sellers in making sure that inspection reports are delivered promptly and that any necessary…Learn More