When was the last time you had a termite inspection performed on your home or property?

Many people get a termite inspection when they purchase their home but then forget about it. The fact is, termites are silent destroyers and you likely won’t know you have an infestation until it’s too late. Waiting until visible signs appear can be a very costly approach to termite control. If you suspect your home may have termites or you’re just looking for some peace of mind, give us a call and we’ll schedule one of our state-licensed termite inspectors to come out and conduct a thorough termite inspection. We are happy to help you determine if your home is free of termites or possibly in danger of structural damage.

Here you will find a list of five things inspectors look for when performing a termite inspection in your home or business. As always AAI is happy to help you solve your pest problems. To schedule a termite inspection, simply give us a call or complete the form and we will contact you shortly!