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Are gopher/ground squirrels eating up your flowers, vegetables or just making a mess of your lawn? AAI’s Gopher Removal Service can put an end to your headaches.

Don’t let Gophers Goof up your Garden

You have a lovely garden, your neighbor complimented a few days back. And then you wake up the next day, you see your lawn in a devastated version. Gophers! Well, they are determined little rodents who are not discouraged by any fences or boundaries. At times they can be a recurring threat, and you may feel like you have to put up a concrete wall, as a permanent solution. But do not give up without a fight. How? Let’s see….

How do I know that I have gophers?

It is easy to find out if you have gophers in your garden. If your plants are in a half-eaten state for days, you know that they are gophers. Gophers do not make tunnels which are visible. Gophers are known for their feeding frenzy. Often people mistake between moles and gophers and choose a treatment applicable for garden moles. But you have to know that moles are keener on eating earthworms and shrubs.

What is the best way to get rid of gophers?

If you want unwanted rodents like gophers to leave your premises, you should contact a pest control professional. If the damage is particularly bad on a large area, you likely have a bigger problem than you may realize.

How else can you get rid of gophers?

The other ways to get rid of the gophers is by setting a trap. They can work pretty well, and often this mechanism has proved to be lethal. Smoke bombs and poisoned peanuts are not always effective. And these techniques are banned in some states.

Popular myths about getting rid of the rodents

Flooding them in water by putting a water hose in their tunnel is not really as effective as you think it might be, not to mention, not very ethical. Gophers actually have burrows, and not tunnels. Often there is an escape hole, and drowning them is not probably the most effective approach. There are a few situations where flooding the entire ground with irrigation water can help, but it is a rare instance.

So, follow a practical solution before getting rid of the rodents. Always remember that although they are innocent-looking they can turn out to be scarier than ghosts at times! When you have a Gopher problem, trust AAI pest control to find a solution you can count on. Based on our inspection of your property and the extent of the problem, we’ll put together a comprehensive program to eliminate the problem and the damage it can cause.

Contact us for a free estimate and let us take care of those pesky critters.

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