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Stockton Termite Control – Vital Things You Need To Know

Vital Things You Need To Know About Stockton Termite Control

One of the key requirements for preserving the structural integrity of your home is to regularly check for termite activity. These little wood eaters do not only nibble tirelessly on the wood components of buildings, but they also build their colony in it. Therefore, if you wish to preserve your home effectively, it’s imperative that you apply various measures to prevent these “silent destroyers” from slowly hollowing out your home. 


For effective termite control, Stockton pest control experts share seven things you need to know:


Termites are not the same as flying ants.

A lot of people make mistakes when identifying termites, so they delay the treatment needed to completely eradicate wood-loving termites. It’s best to know what a termite really looks like to determine if you’re just dealing with flying ants or the real wood destroyers.


Mud tubes are clear indicators of termite infestations.

They are usually found at the base of homes. You need to apply “poison” to the mud tubes to annihilate the colony.


Small piles of feces that look like sawdust are other indicators of termite presence.

Typically, you’ll find them near doors and windowsills. This means you should apply treatment to these areas and may have to carry out some repairs to address damage.


If, on the surface, it seems like termites are not a problem, knocking on wood walls and other structures to see if they’re hollow can help.

If they sound hollow when they shouldn’t be, termites have definitely already made them so. It’s best to have them inspected by professionals, lest walls and floors completely fall off and result in injuries.


Keeping your home as dry as possible is a great strategy to prevent termite infestation.

That’s why if you have plumbing issues, have them repaired right away because termites are attracted to anything moist.


If you store firewood, keep them as far away from your home as possible.

Likewise, keep them off the ground — five inches off the ground is a good enough height. Termites feed on firewood, too, so keep them as far away from your home as possible and shake them off completely if you do need to use them for the fireplace to prevent bringing the wood-loving critters in.


Abundant vegetation near your home can also lead to termite infestation.

So, be sure to trim vines, hedges and other vegetation so they don’t block vents. Plants have a lot of moisture and they attract termites. If these plants are making their way into your home, termites will have easy access to your home as well.


If you suspect that you might have a termite problem, don’t hesitate to make an appointment. Let AAI Pest Control send out a qualified and experienced pest control expert to help with Stockton termite control. AAI Pest Control services Stockton, Ca and surrounding areas.

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