Choosing the right pest control company

How to Choose the Right Pest Control Company

Pests can threaten your health, do damage to your property and valuables, and basically bring inconvenience and annoyance to your home life. That’s why it’s important to make your move at the first sign of pests in the house. Keeping the surroundings clean, observing proper food storage, repairing potential entryways for pests, and other preventive measures usually work in keeping pests away.

However, if a pest problem has gone unsolved or undetected for some time now, DIY methods and pesticides bought off-the-shelf may not work anymore. Before the situation escalates into a more serious one, it’s best to seek help from the experts. Hire a professional pest control company to make sure your home is free from these “unwanted visitors.”

As with any product, service or investment you make for your home, you need to take the time to choose wisely when looking for a Modesto pest exterminator. To avoid wasting time and to prevent unnecessary costs, it pays to know how to find the right pest control company.

The following are some steps you could take to ensure a smart choice:

Ask for referrals from parties you trust

Online reviews and testimonials can provide you some insight into the type of service and results you can expect from a pest control company. If you are looking for a general picture of a pest control companies online presence. But the best source of information you can tap into is your own network. Ask your friends, family and friendly neighbors. Get it straight from people who have experienced first-hand the services of the companies in your list. While Modesto has a large population, it still has a small town feel so chances are you have seen an AAI pest control truck at your neighbors house. 

Another source of information can be authority agencies, such as your local business bureau, sheriff’s office, consumer affairs or the pesticide services, as these offices may be able to provide information on filed complaints, violations and other issues that were linked to a pest control business you’re eyeing.

Check licenses and certifications

Many states require pest control companies to carry a government-issued pest control business license, and their employees are required to apply and be approved for certification every 2 years. Moreover, some states like California require not just a certification but also a pesticide applicator license. Ask your potential pest control company if they have these documents as this is one method of ensuring that the pest control people who will come to your house have sufficient training and qualifications on techniques and safety regulations to carry out the job right. 

If you are looking for an environmentally conscious pest control company be sure to check out whether your exterminator is Green Pro Certified.

Have a clear understanding of project—and payment—terms and conditions

Depending on the scope of the project, get to know what services are included in the job, and how much you will be billed for it. Basic pest control agreements, are pretty standard and don’t usually vary from company to company. But you always want to learn the terms of more extensive work like extermination, animal trapping or termite damage repair. Before you make your choice, understand particulars such as liability insurance coverage and guarantees, if any.  

Last but not least, pay attention to how you are treated on the phone. If you generally get a good sense about the person who you make contact with, it’s safe to say you will have similar service with other employees you come into contact with. While it is important to explore all of the options above, it is still okay to trust your gut. As always if you have any questions about pest issues in your home or business, be sure to give us a call.


Choosing the right pest control company Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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