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Pest Control Cleaning Tips | Prevent Unwanted Pests

Pest Control Cleaning Tips You Should Be Implementing for Your Home

Life at home would be perfect if pests are never part of the whole picture. The problem is that these little creepy crawlies “think” you want them in your house. If you do not practice the best sanitation practices, don’t be surprised if everything from ants to silverfish and cockroaches are now sharing your home with you.

If you’re ready to make your home exclusively meant for human habitation, then you better learn the most effective sanitation tips. A Modesto pest control company has rounded up several effective pest control cleaning tips below:

Wipe Away Crumbs

Don’t like the “infantry” of ants marching across the walls, floors and other surfaces of your home? Make sure that you always wipe crumbs and water off these surfaces. Ants are persistent scavengers of food, so the more you get rid of the things that they consider as food, the less attracted they’ll be to your home.

Ammonia-based House Cleaners

Use Windex or any other ammonia-based house cleaners if you don’t want ants to keep on coming back into your home. Ammonia can break the pheromone trails of ants – they lose their way back to your home and head on somewhere else.

Eliminate Standing Water

Always make sure that there’s no standing water anywhere in your house if you don’t want cockroaches paying you a visit. Keep your house as dry as possible because moisture is what attracts cockroaches the most.

Corners and Crevices

Don’t forget to tackle corners and crevices around your cooking area where oil and food may have splattered. These areas tend to accumulate this sticky substance that ants, drosophila and cockroaches like. You can use baking soda, citric acid, dishwashing soap and hot water to effectively remove that.

No Dirty Dishes!

Never leave dirty dishes in the sink. A sink with dirty dishes is an ideal assembly place for all sorts of pests. Don’t just wash the dishes, though; also make sure that there are no food particles sitting in the sink.

Avoiding Silverfish

If you don’t want silverfish in your home, get rid of paper piles and cardboard boxes lying around in your home. Silverfish are not attracted to dirt, but they love paper. Throw away paper you don’t use. Use cleaners with essential oils that silverfish don’t like such as lavender, cucumber, and cedar.

Pantry Moths

Now, to prevent pantry moths from living among your pantry supplies, transfer grains, legumes, mixes, crackers, and chips in airtight containers. Likewise, regularly clean your cabinets and quickly dispose of packs of ingredients that pantry moths have already penetrated. You’re not going to want to use them anyway.

If, despite your consistent cleanliness efforts, pests continue to appear in your home, then it’s time to call in the pros. Your local Modesto pest control company will quickly take care of the problem and provide you a bunch of other pest control cleaning tips you can use to get rid of pests in your home. Call the professionals at AAI Pest Control today. 

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