Where Are All These Ants Coming From?

Here Are A Few Ideas On How To Deal With Ants

Does the infantry of ants always marching around your home bother you? Are you always scared that they’ll end up on your kids and bite your precious little ones?

But have you ever asked yourself, “Where are all these ants coming from?”

They didn’t just magically appear in your home; something definitely lured them in because ants always go where they can find food and safely populate. How did they get in?

Well, if you have holes and cracks in the walls and floors, you can be sure that the little hard workers are using those as entryways. The best thing to do is seal those in order to halt the exodus from the outdoors and entry into your home, the land of milk and honey.

Also, your family may have had a hand in it as well; if you didn’t clean your home like you should have, then the entire household basically made the house an ideal new shelter.

So, you already know where they are coming into your home and how they made their way in. The pressing issue now is how to get them out, keep them out, or how to kill them off. A Modesto pest control company shares the best tips for making your home safe again, and they are listed below:

Clean, clean, clean

Always sweep your floors to make sure that there is no food debris that will attract ant families. Likewise, don’t leave food out – as much as possible, store all food items in your fridge. It’s important to wash your dishes right away too, because ants can make their way up drains. Wipe spills right away. And lastly, cover your trash bins and keep trash away from your house.

Keep your house as dry as possible

Moisture draws ants in. The drier your home, the less ants will gravitate toward it. If you have leaky plumbing, have that fixed right away.

Use cleaning agents that repel insects

Lemony cleaning products are known to repel these little crawlers. Local stores have a lot of lemon-scented and lemon-based cleaning agents.

Kill them off with boric acid

Mix boric acid with a sweet substance and an oily substance, and then place this mixture in areas ants usually pass.

Find the hiding spots or nest of the ants and sprinkle cayenne pepper on them

Cayenne pepper is the most effective natural repellent and it is not toxic to humans.

Try instant grits

The Modesto pest control company says placing instant grits along the path of the ants is another effective method of killing carpenter or flying ants. The ants will eat the grits and start dying because the grits work as dehydrators, absorbing all the water in their bodies.

Your pest control company in Modesto is ready to take on your ant problem. Contact the professionals at AAI Pest Control today to eliminate these tiny pests.


Where Are All These Ants Coming From? Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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