Mice Problem In House

A Homeowner’s Guide To Eliminate Mice Problem In House

Rodents are among the most common home invaders. Mice can eat your food, damage your walls, and cause other types of problems.

Identifying a Mice Infestation

Similar to any forms of pest infestation, scuttling or scratching sounds will indicate the presence of unwanted housemates. Other indicators include the smell of musky and strong urine, chew holes, and gnaw marks.

Droppings won’t just help identify a mice problem in house but also determine the type of rodent living with you. Mice droppings are under a quarter inch and pointed at the ends while rat droppings are bigger than an inch with either a blunt or pointed end.

How to Deal With an Infestation

1. Seal Entry Points

An effective way of preventing or stopping a mouse infestation from expanding is to eliminate all entry points. A mouse can get through holes or cracks where a pencil can fit, so make sure to seal all cracks or openings in the foundation and in the walls. Instead of using rubber, wood or plastic that mice can gnaw, steel wool and caulking works are highly recommended.

2. Use Mouse Traps

The humble mouse trap is the most effective method for eliminating mice in your property. Although some are lethal, most modern traps can capture mice without hurting them. When choosing the best mouse traps, remember that rats and mice require different traps because of their size difference.

Proper placement of the mouse traps is crucial. You must place them perpendicular to the walls. Make sure that the trigger section is facing the baseboards so the mouse will run directly into the bait. Pest control experts recommend changing trap locations every 2-3 days.

3. Practice Good Sanitation

With only 3-4 grams of food each day, mice can already survive just fine, so make sure to vacuum the floors and wipe down countertops to get rid of crumbs. Store your leftovers and other food in airtight containers. Moreover, you must secure your garbage at all times.

4. Hire Pest Control Experts

In most cases, hiring professional exterminators to deal with your mice problem is the best choice. This way, rodents won’t cause further damage to your property. Also, this can save you money and time, depending on the size of the mice infestation.

Dealing with a mice problem in your house can be as easy as calling a pest control professional. A reputable Modesto pest control company will examine your house for entry points, droppings, and other signs of infestation. Once they figure out the type of rodent involved, they’ll seal off the entry points. Also, they will set traps or spray the area. Most importantly, they will always do a follow-up visit to make sure that the removal was successful.

A Homeowner’s Guide To Eliminate Mice Problem In House Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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