Common California Cockroaches

Common California Cockroaches

The Most Common California Cockroaches

You see a cockroach scurrying around on the floor. What do you do?

Some people will quickly reach for a canister of pesticide while others will shriek out of fear. Most likely, the last thing that you will do is to look at the cockroach and determine its species.

Some people may think that all cockroaches are the same, but the truth is that there are different types of roaches. Knowing about these as well as their peculiar habits can help in controlling their population.

Here’s a brief list of the most common California cockroaches.

American cockroach

This type of cockroach is commonly found in areas that are warm and humid. Because these cockroaches prefer outdoor environments, they are commonly found in zoos and other areas where animals are kept. This insect may also be found in tunnels, storm drains, and sewers.

Field cockroach

The field cockroach, like the American cockroach, is commonly found in outdoor environments, including gardens where there is an abundance of plant debris. This cockroach may enter homes during hot and dry periods.

German cockroach

Field cockroaches and German cockroaches are commonly mistaken for one another. However, the former has an olive color and a black stripe between their eyes.

German cockroaches are commonly found inside homes, specifically areas where food is readily available, like the kitchen and the bathroom. Among the different species of cockroaches found in California, the German cockroach can reproduce the fastest.

Oriental cockroach

This cockroach can be found in both indoor and outdoor environments, preferring dark and damp areas. You can readily find this insect in trash cans, drains, garages, and other damp areas in and around a property.

Compared to other cockroaches, the oriental cockroach prefers a cooler environment.

Smokybrown cockroach

The smokybrown cockroach can be commonly found in outdoor environments, including planter boxes and woodpiles. Sometimes, it may also be found in sewers and inside homes, specifically the attics.

Turkestan cockroach

The Turkestan cockroach prefers outdoor environments, including planters, compost piles, and cracks in walls. Among the different species of cockroaches found in California, the Turkestan is relatively new.

The importance of properly identifying cockroaches

Correctly identifying which species of cockroach has invaded your property is a vital step toward the management and control of these pests.

Specifically, correct identification can help you to limit the insect’s access to your home, water, and preferred type of food.

Furthermore, proper identification will also help you use the best approach toward pest management, including the use of traps, baits, and different types of chemical control.

If you want expert opinion on dealing with a cockroach problem, do not hesitate to reach out to a trusted Modesto pest control company like AAI Pest Control.

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