How Can I Get Rid of Flies on my Patio?

Summer fly problems around your home

You’re having a great time with your friends and loved ones, enjoying the summer weather in your backyard. But flies have decided to crash your party.

“How can I get rid of flies on my patio?” you ask.

Flies have been linked to a wide variety of diseases and infections, making them a bane both indoors and outdoors. Whether you are hosting an outdoor party or simply wish to enjoy your backyard, the first order of business is getting rid of these pests.

Here are some strategies that you can use.

Cover meats

Having a backyard barbecue? Watch out. Flies are drawn to meats and if you do not properly cover the meats that you are cooking, flies can quickly swarm the area where you are cooking.

Keep your yard clean

Flies are also drawn to different odors. As much as possible, keep your yard clean and eliminate sources of odors which attract flies. For example, if you have a dog and you allow it to defecate on your yard, you need to collect its poop as soon as possible and dispose of it properly.

Remove stagnant water

Survey your yard and check areas where water can pool. Remove items on your yard like old tires and pails which collect water. If you have a bird bath on your property, be sure to change the water regularly.

Buy fly traps (or make your own)

One of the easiest ways to get rid of pesky flies is to use fly traps. You can choose between fly papers and disposable fly traps or even use both.

Alternatively, you can make your own fly trap using syrup, a glass jar, and paper.

Zap ’em

If you regularly entertain guests in your patio, consider investing in a few electronic bug zappers.

Make your own fly killer spray

Some consumers are hesitant to use commercial fly killer sprays due to their chemical contents. Fortunately, you can make your own mixture using dishwashing soap and warm water.

Get some botanical help

Some types of plants like mint, wormwood, basil, rue, and lavender can act as a natural repellent to flies. You may also want to add a few carnivorous plants like pitcher plants and Venus Fly Traps to your garden.

You can use any or all of these solutions to keep flies at bay. But according to a Modesto pest control company, if you want a long-term solution, the best way to do that would be to keep your yard clean.

To learn more about how to control pests in your home or business, be sure to contact your local pest control experts.

How Can I Get Rid of Flies on my Patio? Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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