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Which Bugs Appear When It Rains?

Although different types of pests can wreak havoc on a property all year long, you might notice a marked increase in insect activity just after the rains begin to fall.

For many people, the onset of rains is a welcome respite from the sweltering heat. But bugs and other small critters also find the rains a boon.

Which bugs appear when it rains?

Fire ants

The coming of rains leads to a sudden increase in the activity of fire ants which burrow beneath the soil. Now, when the rains flood their subterranean homes, they seek higher ground.

Fleas and ticks

The onset of rains means more moisture for plants to grow and thrive. Fleas and ticks take advantage of this as they have more areas to hide from other creatures, including their predators.

Palo Verde root borer

Commonly found in the Southwest and Northern Mexico, the Palo Verde root borer takes advantage of the rains to feed.

Tarantula hawk wasp

This species of wasp is known for preying on tarantulas. This, however, does not mean that you and your loved ones are safe from this wasp. This wasp boasts of a powerful sting that it will not hesitate to use when provoked.

Rain beetles

Rain beetles usually come out during the rainy and winter season, preferring to feed on plant roots.

Red velvet mites

These colorful mites are often mistaken for spiders due to their appearance. During their early lives, they prey upon larger insects like grasshoppers. Upon reaching adulthood, they feed upon smaller insects.

Now, it’s one thing for these critters to roam around outdoors and it’s an entirely different thing when you find these in your home.

These bugs can come into your home for different reasons. For one, these insects may be simply seeking shelter in your home. Due to their small size, insects can find respite from the rains by hiding in holes and cracks in the walls of your house.

If you want to keep these unwanted guests away from your home, there are a few things that you can do.

For starters, you can create a perimeter around your home by moving away or trimming shrubs and trees that are close to the main structure. This will help minimize the chances of unwanted guests gaining access to your property.

Next, make sure that your yard is clutter-free. It also helps to mow the grass a little shorter.

If you are having a difficult time containing these pests after the onset of the rains, do not hesitate to contact a trusted Modesto pest control company for advice.

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