Winter ant problems

5 Winter Pest Problems You Can Prevent

5 Common Winter Pest Problems That You Can Prevent

Most homeowners may think that they can take a break from employing measures to keep harmful pests away during the winter, but this can be a costly mistake. Rather than hiding away during the cold months, most insects will actually begin heading for homes at the beginning of the season in order to secure their shelter and food source.

As such, you need to keep your guard up, pay close attention to your surroundings, and watch for signs that pests could be getting ready to settle into your home for winter. You can still keep your property protected from pests by taking some simple precautions and implementing preventive practices.

Here are some common winter pest problems and recommended solutions that can eliminate them:


Termites are always on the top of the must-eradicate list of house pests, and for good reason. Not only do they attack during the warmer months, but until February, they are also known to swarm in the fall and reproduce inside houses.

What to do:

    • Have your home inspected by pest control specialists at least once a year.
    • Install mesh screens on all doors, windows and ventilation openings.
    • Make sure that there is no contact between soil and wood anywhere around the foundation of your house. Keep firewood stacks and other wood piles away from the property.
  • Termites can survive where there’s moisture above ground, so fix any leaks from the roof or plumbing.

Stink Bugs

Known for the odor that they use as a defense mechanism, stinkbugs have been reported in as many as 32 states. They feed on crops, and then move into houses to live through the winter.

What to do:

  • Think twice about decorating your porch with pumpkins for Halloween—stinkbugs love pumpkin juice, and setting these out is an invitation for the bugs to set up camp in your house before winter starts.

Bed Bugs

These tiny pests can easily travel from place to place—they hop onto people, pets, clothes, purses and luggage. If you stop by any bed bug-infested hotel on your way home for the holidays, you could be carrying the bugs home with you. Identifying the problem starts with tiny red marks on you body. Often you wont know you picked up bed bugs until it is too late. 

What to do:

    • When staying in hotels, carefully inspect the box springs, mattress and headboards for dark blood spots that indicate the presence of bedbugs.
    • Refrain from unpacking your clothes and things into the room’s furniture drawers, and hang all clothing instead of putting them on the bed.
    • Request a change of rooms if you see signs.
  • When you arrive home, vacuum your suitcases and wash all clothing in hot water immediately.


Ants are highly common in Northern California.  Ants can be the cause of more than just an annoying trail into your home. They can cause damage to your yard, ruining your grass and garden. 

What to do:

  • Correctly identifying the ant species is important, so it’s best to call in a professional pest specialist who can pinpoint the right kind of ant and apply the appropriate eradication techniques. As you may know household ant spray may be a temporary fix but not a permanent one if they have built colonies around your home. 

Winter Pests

These pertain to insects in general that aim to build nests inside houses to survive over the winter. You’ll know you have these pests in your home when you see the bugs sunning themselves in the west side of the house in the afternoons.

What to do:

    • Make sure all doors and windows are tightly sealed.
    • Seal all visible cracks and install mesh screens, particularly on the western and southern walls.
  • If you find the bugs indoors, vacuum them up and discard the bag at once.



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