Stink bug sighted in Stanislaus could harm area crops | The Modesto Bee

 Stanislaus County has reported its first two sightings of the brown marmorated stink bug, which has done major damage to crops and gardens in the eastern United States.

Source: Stink bug sighted in Stanislaus could harm area crops | The Modesto Bee

The Modesto Bee reported on August 4th that there had been reported sightings of brown marmorated stink bugs.  These pests can do damage to crops like Almond and Walnut Farms. They are also extremely harmful to fruit trees which alarming for Modesto and Stockton Farmers. If you have a few fruit tress in your yard, you may want to be concerned as well.

The bug also has been detected in Stockton and in cities or rural areas in Sacramento, Yolo, Sutter, Butte, Santa Clara and Los Angeles counties. The highly urban midtown district of Sacramento has an especially bad problem.

We recommencement you take a look underneath the leaves of your fruit trees to see if you have a possible infestation. If you find stink bugs on your fruit trees, be sure to call your local pest control company  for advice before you take action. If you are thinking of taking care of the problem yourself, we recommend you take action with a pair of gloves and a plastic bag or jar and try and capture them.

If you have a larger infestation of stink bugs or think they may have laid eggs in your trees, then it might be time to get more aggressive and call in the professionals. We don’t recommend you using pesticides on your own. Stink bugs are tough because of their hard outer shell and you may run the risk of doing more harm to your fruit trees than good.

As always, if you have any pest control issues please don’t hesitate to give is a call. We are always happy to help!