Tips to Keep My Lawn Green in the California Summer Heat

You take a lot of pride in keeping your home tidy and presentable, so if a drought is making the outside of your home look sad and unkempt, it can be frustrating! Californians know the struggle of drought all too well and that lawns can be the first victims of a lack of moisture. However, even during drought conditions, you can get professionals, like those at AAI Pest Control to help you keep your lawn looking fabulous. Let’s learn more about the specifics of California grass and lawn care during a drought.

California Grass

There are a variety of different types of grass in California, however there are a select few that fare better than the rest in the state’s climate. Two of the most hearty varieties of grass in California are St. Augustine and Bermuda.

Bermuda grass is a tropical plant and loves heat and humidity, which can be prevalent during California summers. This variety of grass does well in high-traffic areas. It is also drought resistant. You can expect Bermuda grass to grow well in the summer and turn yellow during winter months. However, Bermuda grass can be high maintenance. It takes consistent mowing, watering, and fertilizing which may mean that you need some additional help to keep it lushious. 

Another tropical grass that fares well in California is St. Augustine. This Caribbean and Mediterranean variety creates a dense, bluegreen turf. It grows best in humid heat but also is drought resistant. It grows quickly, so you’ll need to make sure to aerate and water on a regular schedule. This grass is nearly indestructible, which is why many people select this variety for their home.


California is known for its struggle with drought. Most varieties of grass, even those that fare well during a drought, need some water and care to thrive. Luckily, there are things you can do to maintain your lawn during drought. Preparation can be key when it comes to keeping grass healthy during drought conditions. Things like rain water collection and soil preparation can carry your lawn through times when standard water sources are scarce. 

When a drought hits, you’ll want to keep a close eye out for stress or disease. Additionally, calculated dethatching can save moisture in the soil. Be strategic about your watering during a drought. If the grass is dormant, you don’t want to water too much. When it comes to mowing, keeping grass a little longer during a drought can provide much-needed shade to reserve moisture. Keep foot traffic to a minimum during a drought as well because under-watered grass doesn’t not fare well with trauma. 

After a drought, reintroducing water correctly is key. Once you can return to irrigating your grass, focus on watering deeply and less frequently. This will encourage roots to grow deeply and reach as much water as possible. Shallow watering makes roots spread out, resulting in weaker turf.

Keeping Grass Green

While all of us are at the mercy of a drought, there are some things that you can do to set your lawn up for weathering the non-storm. First, minimize damage to your lawn. This means things like keeping off the lawn and reducing mowing. When grass is starved of moisture, it doesn’t have the same ability to bounce back after taking a hit. The structure of the grass is weaker when it is depleted of moisture. Next, water as you can. That means determining a schedule of watering that will nurture the lawn but not overwhelm it during drought conditions. Also, consider having thatch professionally removed. Thatch can act like a sponge and absorb moisture that you’re trying to get to the root of the grass, which robs it of the precious water that is available. 

AAI may typically only be thought of if you’re battling a pest problem. However, lawn and pest control truly go hand-in-hand. We offer effective lawn and  yard services to help keep your grass looking its best. We are careful to abide by local and state water rules, but that doesn’t mean we can’t focus on keeping your lawn healthy. Our Weed and fertilization service can help to remove pesky weeds and promote grass growth. Our services are more than just mowing the lawn, we take diligent care of your property so that we have the opportunity to earn your business long term. 

Contact us today to find out more about our lawn services including fertilization and weed control. The healthier your lawn, the less stressed you are!

Tips to Keep My Lawn Green in the California Summer Heat Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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