zika virus

Zika Virus

Preventing the Zika Virus From Spreading in Your Neck of the Woods


Many reports have been circulating over the last several weeks about the Zika virus that’s infecting Central and South American countries. Panic has spread throughout the regions due to the disease carried by mosquitoes. The Zika Virus has been directly linked to the cases of microcephaly among hundreds of newborns in the previous year and in 2016. Newspaper headlines regularly feature images of seemingly healthy babies with underdeveloped or injured heads.


Is there a cure?

There’s no known cure for the Zika virus just yet. The World Health Organization just issued warnings about the disease carrying mosquitoes and advised people from identified countries with alarmingly high cases of the disease to clean their communities constantly to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. They are also advised to practice safe sex or completely avoid sexual intercourse until the situation improves, and to use mosquito nets. Tourists visiting the infected regions were likewise warned and asked to undergo a medical check-up upon their return from travel to determine if they’ve been infected.


How Does the Zika Virus Spread?

While the Zika virus can only be transmitted through the Aedes mosquito, the concern for North Americans is that this breed of mosquito is aggressive and it populates really quickly. Therefore, it’s highly likely that it may make it to the US if preventive measures are not carried out properly. The good news, however, is that protecting yourself and the rest of your community from getting infected is easy.

According to pest control experts, cleanliness is one of the best defenses again the spread of the virus. Keeping the community clean, and getting rid of standing water where mosquitoes typically breed, will help immensely.


Defending Your Home

Fumigation is another solution as this can kill off a lot of mosquitoes (and other pesky insects) right away. Citronella incense and candles can work to a certain degree in repelling mosquitoes. Installing mosquito zappers around home entry points and in gardens can also be expected to reduce the population of mosquitoes in your neck of the woods. Another worthy consideration is the installation of window and door screens, and seals around these common entry points to prevent mosquitoes from easily accessing your home.


Defending Yourself

And to protect yourself and loved ones from getting bitten, the application of insect-repellent lotions and mosquito patches is quite effective. You may also try upping your Vitamin B intake because this particular vitamin will have your body emitting a scent which only mosquitoes can smell — and they actually don’t like it. And lastly, wear protective clothing such as long pants, tops with long sleeves — the less flesh you show, the less attractive you’ll be to those blood-suckers that can infect you with Zika virus.

If you are starting to notice more mosquitoes around your home, don’t take any chances. Call the local professionals in the pest control industry and let them take control over your mosquito problem.


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