why bug problems get worse when it rains

Why Bug Problems Get Worse When it Rains

Why Bug Problems Get Worse When it Rains

The rainy season has officially begun in California. If you check the weather, you’ll notice that we’ll be expecting showers off and on for weeks. So, have you ever wondered where the bugs go when it rains? You probably noticed more bugs around your home since it’s started raining. Stockton pest control experts explain why bug problems get worse when it rains so you can prevent these bugs from entering your home after it rains.

Bugs Go to Higher Ground After it Rains

Bugs move to higher ground after it rains because their home is filled with rainwater. They will come up and out of the ground to survive and will avoid going back until it’s dry and safe to do so, which is why you’ll see more bugs than usual the day after it rains.  

Your Home Is Their Home Away From Home

When the bugs have to evacuate their home, they look for a dry place to stay. Your home is the most convenient place for them to go, but it’s obviously the least convenient for you. If you’re experiencing an insect infestation during wet weather, give AAI Pest Control a call and our pest control technicians will gladly come by to fix any pest problems you may be having.

How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home During the Rainy Seasons

If you want to keep these pests from entering your home, you’ll have to take the necessary measures to stop them. Before rainy weather begins again, try trimming away bushes, hedges, and trees that pests can use to access your home. These places are prominent places pests like to stay in.

You can also contact a Stockton pest control company to apply a water-activated chemical outside of your home which will activate and eliminate pests next time it rains. For any questions about residential and commercial pests, contact AAI Pest Control today!

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