Ants in California | Which animals eat ants in Northern California

Which Animals Eat Ants in North California?

Ants, tiny creatures that seem harmless on an individual basis, can become a nuisance when they invade our homes. Their small size, intricate social structure, and resilient nature make combating ant infestations a challenging task. As we’re sure the home and business owners in the Central Valley up to the Bay Area know, once ants have settled in, they are near impossible to evict without professional intervention, even with the assistance of natural predators.

What Animals Eat Ants?

Most, to be completely honest. Most prolifically, the aptly named anteater, can flick its tongue 160 times per minute to optimize consumption before the ants are able to attack. You won’t find them here though, as their natural habitat is Central and South America.

Ants are a fantastic source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Due to their small size and large quantities, they are a readily available food source for predators as small as spiders, all the way up to even humans (you can even buy chocolate-covered ants). Some of the most common that eat ants in our area are:

  • Spiders. Such as black/brown widows, jumping spiders, but ants will be a tasty treat for any spider they cross paths with.
  • Other insects. Such as beetles, caterpillars, flies, and doodlebugs (official name Antlion Larvae). Phorid Flies prey on ants by laying their larvae on them, and their hatchlings will then eat the ants as their first food source.
  • Birds. Particularly sparrows, hummingbirds, wild turkeys, and even downy woodpeckers.
  • Other Ants. Ants in the Pheidole genus like to hunt fire ant scouts, and Army Ants are known for eating other ant species as well.
  • Bears. This is a surprising one, given the large size of the bear compared to the ant. However, bears find ant broods to be a delicious and satisfying snack, and locating/eating ant broods is often a bear cub’s first foray into building their foraging skills.

Why Are Ants So Hard to Get Rid Of?

While ants may have many natural predators to help with population control, due to their mass reproductive habits, and colony construction, they can be incredibly difficult to eradicate. Their colony nests can be hard to locate, and they build both inside and outside of buildings. Worker ants travel quite far from the colony in search of food sources. So while you may encounter a stream of ants, the colony may be hidden – and the ants will return, following the pheromone trails left by the ones you first encountered. During certain times of the year, you may even find your home or business swarmed by ants in search of new places to call home.

Get Rid of Ants With Professional Extermination

Due to the aforementioned facts, professional ant extermination is the best option for ant control. The professionals at AAI Pest Control are ready to ensure you never have to worry about ants ever again. For over 30 years, we have provided state-of-the-art pest control services for homes and businesses. If you’re combatting (or even simply wanting to prevent) an ant infestation, call us today to schedule your inspection!

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