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Where Do Termites Come From?

If you have never—ever—encountered termites in your home, you can consider yourself an extremely lucky homeowner. That’s because in the United States, termites (along with similar pests) can cause about $30 billion in damage to both man-made structures and crops each year. In addition, a homeowner can spend an average of $3,000 to repair the damage caused by termites in their property. So if you’ve never come across this pest before, you’re definitely saved from a significant hassle.

Where do termites come from, in the first place?

Generally, here in Northern California you have two distinct types of termites to think about, which can enter your home in different ways:

The first kind is the drywood termite, which typically lives in areas in the US where winter does not reach freezing temperatures. When swarmers find a crevice in any wooden component of your home, they create a nest and seal themselves inside this entry point. Afterwards, they will begin laying eggs to form their colony, which grows bigger and bigger until it becomes large enough to cause significant damage to the home (this can happen in about two years).

On the other hand, the other type of termite, the subterranean termite, lives underground, as its name suggests. Because of this, it can withstand a wider range of temperatures than the drywood termite can, so it can pretty much survive in every state (except Alaska). Perhaps the most common way for subterranean termites to make its way inside your home is through contact between the ground in your property and the wood in your house. This will include porch steps, door frames, and deck posts. If they are able to locate cracks or holes in the foundation or brick mortar, that’s another option for them.

Because they come from underground, subterranean termites typically enter a house from the ground level, but they can also enter holes or cracks that are several feet above ground level—they do this by building mud tubes that they use as tunnels through which they can travel (they need the soil to survive).

A lot like Ants, Termites live in colonies made up of workers, soldiers, and egg-laying termite queens, and they all work together to find wood because it is their food source. When left undetected and able to proliferate freely inside a house, all the wood components can be severely damaged. Not only is the structural integrity of your home compromised, but you would also be facing the high cost of repairing the damage as well as eliminating the pests completely so that not a single one is left alive and none will come back to begin another infestation.

The key in protecting your property is to be keenly observant of any possible termite problem that could occur. Learn more about termites from your trusted local pest control specialists and seek their assistance in identifying signs, potential entry points, and important measures that can be taken.

If you are concerned about a possible Termite infestation, you will want to schedule a Termite inspection right away. AAI Pest Control offers FREE Commercial or Residential Termite Inspections within our service area. We will help you identify the problem and severity of the termite damage and then offer theright solution.

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