Tips for keeping your rental property pest free

Tips for Keeping Your Rental Property Pest Free

Tips for Keeping Your Rental Property Pest Free

As a landlord, you have a big role to play (and a lot to lose) in order to keep pests out of your rental property. Here are some tips for keeping your rental property pest free so that it remains attractive to tenants.

Follow an Extermination Schedule

The adage that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t apply when you want to limit the presence of pests in your rental property. You should never wait to hire a professional pest control company. As is the case in all things, a preemptive strike will be less costly than having to deal with a full-blown infestation later. Identify a reputable pest control company in Modesto to schedule a residential pest control service which those pest controllers can implement. This routine will get rid of any unwanted critters before they reproduce and become a menace in the rental property.

Seal All Openings

Another of the key tips for keeping your rental property pest free involves sealing all the tiny openings, such as crevices and cracks, which may be on your property. AAI Pest Control applicants and inspectors notice that most homes where they are invited to implement pest extermination measures have cracks and crevices in the exterior home envelop. Those cracks and gaps can be in the places where pipes get into the home, or they may be found in places where walls meet at a corner. Insects like Cockroaches will use the tiniest of spaces to get into your rental property. It is therefore prudent for you to conduct a thorough inspection of the exterior of the home so that any cracks you find are sealed.

Additionally, you should add steel wool when sealing bigger cracks through which rodents can enter. Caulk is insufficient to deter these gnawing pests. Ask AAI Pest Control to inspect the property too so that you can keep critters from getting in.

Clean Common Areas

As a landlord, you are responsible for the cleanliness of the common areas, such as hallways and staircases. Sweep or vacuum these common areas frequently and make sure that debris isn’t allowed to accumulate there. This will prevent critters and rodents from nesting in the debris. Also, make sure that trash isn’t disposed of within those common areas.

Use Appropriate Waste Bins

Another of the tips to keep your rental property pest free is to get the best waste bins for that property. The bins should be sturdy and have covers which can be secured at the top of the bin. Modesto pest control experts recommend that you inspect the bins regularly, such as once every fortnight, to confirm that they haven’t developed any structural damage. AAI Pest Control also suggests that you place the bins as far away from the property as you can so that the smells don’t attract critters to the vicinity of the property.

Get Rid of Clutter

It isn’t helpful for you to keep the trash far from the rental property if clutter is allowed to accumulate close to the building. For example, did you pile the furniture of a previous tenant just next to an exterior wall? Such clutter can provide perfect breeding grounds for critters Get rid of all that clutter so that they don’t have anywhere to hide. Furthermore, keep the landscaping well maintained so that unwanted critters don’t find your property attractive.

Remove All Standing Water

AAI Pest Control, a pest control company in Modesto, advises landlords to prevent standing water from accumulating on their rental properties. Water is one of the key requirements for a pest problem to develop. For example, roaches can go without food for long, but they will not survive if they are denied water. Standing water is, therefore, a magnet for different critters. Get rid of it, and you will have reduced the likelihood that unwanted critters are making your rental property their new home.

It helps if you are on the same page with your tenants in your bid to implement the tips for keeping your rental property pest free. Hire AAI Pest Control to conduct regular pest inspections and treatment so that your reputation as a landlord isn’t ruined by the presence of pests on your property.

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