Ticks in Northern California

Say no to ticks!

According to many credible sources it has been found out that ticks may be more than the pesky pest that your dog might bring home from a camping trip. They may be the cause of last years outbreak of Lyme Disease. Lyme disease can be very serious and difficult to diagnose. It is very important to protect your pets from them. Consult your vet and know more about vaccinations and medications to prevent ticks from growing.

A Stanford study has found that ticks infected with the bacterium that causes Lyme disease and a newly identified human pathogen are widespread in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Source: Stanford study says ticks may cause double trouble

Below are some of our best tips and tricks to prevent and treat tick problems.

Keep your pets clean

Pets are the common targets for both fleas and ticks in Northern California. Choose a tick spray, after consulting your vet and keep it handy. Once there is infestation, there is no way you can prevent it anymore. So you have to think of ways in controlling the growth. A tick shampoo is available for dogs. So bath once a day with the tick shampoo is must. Keep your dogs from beds and couches. The more they move around, the greater are the chances of spreading it at home.

Keep your rooms clean

Once it is established that there is a tick problem in the house, you have to be extra careful about your surroundings. Keep your rooms clean. Vacuum all the rooms. Use an disinfectant and use soap water to mop the floors. Fleas and ticks hide in carpets and rugs. So, make sure that you clean the carpets properly. Also, salt is a great tick repellent. So you can use salt and spread it over gently on the carpets. And then you can vacuum the carpet. Consulting with a pest control expert at this point is advised.

What you should do when faced with a tick problem?

If a tick is attached to the skin proceed with caution when attempting to remove it. Be sure to pinch it close to its mouth and without twisting it, pull it out slowly. The danger from a tick bite is when the mouth remains in the skin. This can put you at risk for infection and Lyme disease. Be sure to dispose of the tick outdoors.

If nothing else works, you can always call a pest control expert who might be able to handle the situation in a professional manner!

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