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How Squirrels and Chipmunks Break Into Your Home

How Squirrels and Chipmunks Break Into Your Home

As the ambient temperature drops, you are likely to keep your windows and doors closed most of the time while also turning up the heater in order to stay comfortable. Similarly, pests like squirrels and chipmunks also take note as the weather starts getting colder and they also initiate their own survival mechanisms in order to weather the cold months ahead. Unfortunately, some of their plans may include forcing their way into your home. To make matters worse, these uninvited guests will not come alone. They may carry ticks, fleas, and other disease-causing organisms into your home. It is therefore important for you to understand how squirrels and chipmunks get in so that you plan to thwart them accordingly.

How Chipmunks May Get Into Your Home

Chipmunks usually prefer the burrows they create outdoors since that environment allows them to create as many food storage chambers, escape tunnels and many other sections of their underground abode. However, these creatures may get into your home if a ground-level point of weakness exists that they exploit and burrow through.

The chipmunk will burrow underneath the crawlspace or foundation in order to stay warm in the soil there. However, any chipmunk you see in your home will be as eager to get out as you would want it to leave. Simply open a door or window and the pest is likely to use that chance to leave you alone.

How Squirrels May Get In

Squirrels are more inclined to use high points to get into your home. For example, the experts at AAI Pest Control say that a squirrel will be more likely to leap onto the roof and get in through the chimney rather than using an open door. Modesto pest control professionals say squirrels exploit four major vulnerabilities to access homes.

First, the squirrels may put their sharp teeth to good use by chewing through plastic or aluminum vent covers up on the roof of your home. Once a hole is created, the pests will use this as a way to get in and out at will. Problem is, heat will start leaking out of your home through the opening that they have created.

Secondly, Modesto pest control experts say that squirrels can gnaw their way through the soffits and eaves. Squirrels may be driven to gnaw these places due to their desire to investigate where the heat they feel there is coming from.

Furthermore, the squirrels may enter your home through the intersection between the soffit and the roof. This intersection may provide just enough room for a squirrel to hide and chew its way into the home.

The fourth-way pest control experts in Modesto identified is by chewing through the gaskets on the sewer exhaust pipes. These gaskets are normally used to cover the extra gap left after sewer pipes have been installed in wall openings. The removal of the gasket will leave the squirrels with ample room to enter and exit the attic as they please.

Squirrels present a larger problem that homeowners should never attempt to resolve on their own. Those with experience in pest control in Modesto tell homeowners to refrain from approach squirrels because these pests can react violently when they feel cornered or threatened. Contact AAI Pest Control as soon as you observe a squirrel problem in any part of your home. Our experts have sufficient training and experience to remove the pests without putting any of your family members at risk.

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