What Do I Do With the Spider Nests in My House?

Most people cannot help getting freaked out by spiders in their home, even if they’re aware that most of them are harmless. It’s just that they keep on popping up in different places, and oftentimes, you think you’ve already gotten rid of all of them and then new ones appear.

Here’s the thing, though – once spiders move into your home, it doesn’t take long before they start laying eggs. Another freaky fact: A spider can lay anywhere between two to 1000 eggs. So, if you see a lot of spiders in your home, that’s mostly the reason why.

You’ve probably found yourself whispering to yourself, “What do I do with the spider nests in my house?” If a spider infestation is the last thing you want, a trusted exterminator in Modesto shares great tips you can follow for dealing with spiders and their spider nests in your home.

Keep your house clean to avoid spider nests.

Making sure that there are no dust pockets around your home or areas that a broom or the vacuum cleaner doesn’t reach is one effective strategy. Spider eggs are so small, you’re likely to sweep them along with the dust and other dirt in your house, even if they’re in a silken egg sac.

If you’ve decided to use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of spider eggs, do empty out the bag right away. Those spider eggs can hatch in the bag and spiderlings won’t have any difficulty crawling away from where they hatched.

Try using glue traps for spider nests.

You can purchase these traps from a hardware store and it can help get rid of egg-laying spiders in your home. It’s a little tricky to leave them around the house, however. So, read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly to ensure the efficacy of the glue traps and to avoid mishaps involving those traps, your kids and your pets.

Avoid creating piles (of anything, really) in your home.

If you collect newspapers or magazines, or if you bring in wood for the fireplace, you’re basically creating cozy homes for spiders. If you don’t want these arachnids in your home, get rid of clutter all around your property.

Seal cracks and holes around your house.

These are common entry points for spiders. Purchase sealant and close up these entrances into your home.

So, those are just some of the effective ways for controlling spider populations at home. However, if you continue seeing these eight-legged creatures in your home despite the application of those strategies, don’t delay in calling the pros. AAI Pest Control, a trusted Modesto pest control company, can take care of the problem for you, and your home will be spider-free in no time just contact us today


What Do I Do With the Spider Nests in My House? Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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