spider control for homeowners

Spider Control For Homeowners

Spider Control for Homeowners

Spiders usually prefer the outdoors life, but you may inadvertently be doing things that can attract these pests into your home. Read on and learn the basics of spider control for homeowners.

Seal Your Home to Keep Spiders Out

AAI Pest Control, a leading pest control company in Modesto, advises homeowners to inspect their homes and identify any cracks they can enter through. Seal all those cracks regardless of how tiny they may be. You should also repair any damaged insect screens in your home. In addition, cover the chimney and vents with insect screens. Ultimately, any opening through which spiders can crawl through should be sealed.

Keep Outdoor Lights Off to Keep Spiders Out

Many insects, such as ants, are attracted to bright lights. Spiders aren’t one of those insects, but the spiders will come in pursuit of those insects. These spiders will eventually find their way into your home if they hang around your yard long enough. It is therefore wise to keep the exterior lights off as much as you can. In the same vein, Modesto pest control experts advise that you take steps to prevent the indoor lights from attracting insects into your home. Use opaque blinds to block the indoor light from being visible from outside.

Alternatively, you can switch to sodium vapor lights (the yellow ones) for outdoor use. These lights aren’t attractive to insects, so spiders will have no reason to get close to your home.

Mind the Vegetation in Your Yard to Keep Spiders Out

Spider control for homeowners should also include maintaining the shrubs close to the perimeter of your home. That vegetation can be a good hiding spot for spiders and other insects. Mulch, leaves, stones and other forms of debris should also be removed from the proximity of your home since spiders can find hiding spots in these items.

Keep the House Tidy to Keep Spiders Out

A tidy home will rarely be attractive to spiders for several reasons. First, the smaller insects that spiders feed on will not exist in a clean home since such insects feed on food particles left on the floor and other surfaces. Secondly, any spiders inside the home will be frustrated by your routine cleaning activities since their webs will always be destroyed. In fact, the spiders themselves will be sucked into the vacuum as you clean the floors and other surfaces.

Opt for plastic containers for food storage instead of cardboard boxes because spiders can find their way into those cardboard boxes, while it is hard for them to get into airtight plastic containers. Modesto pest control experts also recommend that you get rid of any clutter in your home, especially in secluded areas like the basement and crawlspace.

Get a Cat to Keep Spiders Out

Now might be the time for you to get a cat if you are scared that the spider population in your home will grow beyond what is comfortable for you. For most people, even one spider is one too many for their liking, so having a cat will keep these pests away. The cat will hunt them down and kill them before their population grows. However, owning a cat should not be an excuse for you to neglect the other measures suggested to keep spiders away. Regard your cat as a backup weapon against that random spider which gets into your home despite all your efforts to keep them out.

Inspect Each Package Your Carry Home

Don’t carry any package that you find outside into your home before checking it thoroughly. Spiders and other pests can crawl onto the package and hitch a ride into your home. Be equally vigilant in case you place groceries down as you remove them from your car. Only carry them in after ascertaining that no pest is on the item.

Get Professional Help

Most spider species are generally harmless to humans. However, some types are venomous and may pose a risk to you and your family members. DIY spider control for homeowners can only go so far. So, contact AAI Pest Control for help if you suspect that there is a spider problem. Our experts will take the necessary steps to eliminate the spiders and advise you on the additional steps you can take to fortify your home against future spider ingress.

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