Rodents in California

California has different types of pest issues, but one that’s increasingly becoming rampant is rodent infestation. Although one or two rodents may not be a problem, having them in groups can cause serious issues.

Below is a look at some of the rodents you may come across in California. We also list some signs that may indicate a rodent infestation.

Types of Rodents in California

Some of the common rodents in California include:

Roof Rats

These rats live in high places like the gutters, beams, and power lines. They get into homes and businesses when the weather gets cold. Roof rats are black or dark gray and can be up to eight inches in length. You’ll recognize them as they have scaly tails. They can bite as well. You may also spot them running along tree branches or utility lines that touch the roof.

Sewer or Norway Rats

These rodents are enormous, and often burrow in nests at ground level. Norway rats enter homes and prefer to remain on the ground, unlike the roof rats. However, they carry different diseases and can bite.

House Mice

House mice are more common and have big ears and tiny eyes. They have a habit of contaminating food stores and may carry different diseases. However, they don’t bite unless confronted.

Dangers of a Rodent Infestation

Rodents pose a health hazard as they contaminate homes with their urine, feces, and hair. What’s more, they can gnaw and burrow through the home or business property. They can chew on pipes and other materials that can further cause damage and losses.

Rodents can bite and chew through electrical wires, which may result in a fire hazard or a short circuit. That’s why it’s essential to contact our rodent control experts to curb this problem before it becomes a menace.

Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Some of the clues you may notice if you have an infestation include:

Chewed Packaging and Food Debris

Rodents tend to drop food on walkways. They may also eat any papers or packaging to get access to food. If you notice multiple holes in bags of grain products, pasta, rice, or beans, you may be dealing with a mouse infestation.

Squeaking Sounds

While you won’t notice or hear a mouse sneaking into your kitchen, once inside, you may see some sounds from inside the walls. Mice will squeak, scratch, or make gnawing noises, especially at night.


Rodents have a strong urine odor, something they use to attract mates. If you can smell something different, you may be dealing with a rodent problem. Also, you may have a dead rodent in the house.

Gnaw Marks

Rodents chew almost anything they can come across, including lead pipes and plastic packaging. You may have a rodent infestation if you notice teeth marks on the edges of cupboards, pantry items, or other items in the house.


Rat or mice droppings is another common sign of a rodent problem. You’ll find the pellets behind the pantries, kitchen cabinets, under the sinks, or on top of wall beams.


Rodents build nests in attic crawl spaces, while others use wall voids as a hiding spot. Look for places with crannies and nooks for beddings made from cardboard, paper, or other materials.

Visual Sighting

When you notice a rat or two running around, this is an all-time best sign that you may be having a rodent infestation. Rodents always want to stay hidden. If you notice one, that means their population has grown, and they now need to compete for food.

Why You Need to Call in a Professional if You Have an Infestation

If you’ve noticed the above signs, you may be having a rodent infestation. These infestations are not only dangerous, but they are expensive. Rodents can carry deadly diseases like salmonella, plague, and typhus. They can also contribute to asthma and other respiratory issues due to their fur.

You’ll realize that most do-it-yourself solutions do not work. You need to locate the nest, to implement a targeted solution on the specific rodent. Working with a pest control professional team like AAI pest Control gives you access to the tools and expertise required to handle a rodent infestation effectively.

We’ll carry out an inspection to identify the species, their nesting place, and what may be attracting them to your home or business. Our team also eliminates all possible entry places, and offer advice on ways to reduce re-infestation. Call us today!

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