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How Rain Might Be Affecting Your Pest Control

Pest Control When It Rains

The arrival of rain can be great for areas in the country experiencing drought.

But according to a Modesto pest control company, too much of a good thing can be bad. In this case, people should be wary about how rain might affect their pest control.

The Arrival Of Rain 

Indeed, the arrival of rain can be a good news for water-starved areas, especially for the crops. However, the same conditions can also herald the invasion of insects which can destroy crops.

When the rain finally arrives and the temperature is relatively cool, farmers benefit the most. However, when the temperature rises, invasive insects come out, posing a dilemma for different sectors.

The arrival of rain is also a good thing for these insects. More rains means more food. And right before the end of the summer, these insects will have their fill of wild plants and set their sights on new sources food. These include valuable crops like wheat, cotton, canola, alfalfa, and sorghum.

High Volume of Rain

In fact, the high volume of rains in the past year has translated to a significant number of insects attacking farms in different regions in the country.

Under different circumstances, this would not pose much of a problem. However, last year’s volume of rain has been compounded by the fact that many species of insects have steadily increased their populations over the past few years.

Rain, Bugs, & Agriculture

In Texas and other cotton-growing regions in the country, the main threats are the cotton boll weevils. During the 1970s, the Department of Agriculture won its battle against these insects. However, one adverse side effect of that success has been the decimation of other insects, including those that feed on cotton boll weevils.

In recent years, farmers have attained some measure of success by using crops which have DNA derived from other organisms. These crops have allowed farmers to substantially reduce their use of pesticides. However, many of the insects that were decimated during the campaign of the 1970s have been slowly reemerging. The reemergence of these insects is seen to affect other crops, most especially alfalfa and chili.

Another factor that gravely affects both farmers and pest management experts is the fact that the onset of the rains can make fields flooded or muddy. This, in turn, makes it more difficult to treat crops and assess the impact of the insects. In such a case, it is not unusual for insects to stay in the fringes of the field.

Now that you understand how rain impacts the bugs around your home, contact your local pest control company in Stockton to discuss the best ways to eliminate your pest problem.

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