Problems with Snails and Slugs

At AAI we’ve got the smart ways to get rid of snails and slugs!

You love your garden. There are well-maintained flower beds, the shrubs are pruned to perfection and the plants are trimmed beautifully. But you can’t ignore those small crawly creatures who can give you the creeps in a garden? Those seemingly harmless snails and slugs can spoil the growth of your garden quickly. Looking for ways to get rid of them? We’ve got the answers.

Ways to get rid of slugs

Both cinders and ash create a protective barrier and the fine ash can dry the slugs. Wood ash is preferable. You should not use ash from household burnt products. It can contain toxins and these can affect the plants. A certified pest control technician will typically have the right products and even eco-friendly solutions as part of their armor.

Bark mulch is one of the most effective ways to prevent these small creatures from destroying your crop. You can have coarse mulch, something like the chippings from the oak and cedar bark can act as a good slug barrier. Organic mulches can be good for soil, but they are also a good natural habitat for snails and slugs.

If you have an old brick in the garden, look under it. This is a favourite place for slugs and snails. If you want to make your garden free of slugs, you can deliberately put some old bricks in the garden and check regularly. You might find one or two after a few days.

You may have an open invitation to your unwanted pests and not even know it. If you are leaving dried dog or cat food out for your pests at night, you may wake to trails around the bow. Slugs are known to be attracted to pet food. We recommend bringing in your pet’s food at night or simply covering it at the end of the night.

Get rid of snails

Do you know that copper can actually help you to get rid of snails? You can actually buy copper tape which are available in a plant nursery and wind it around the flower bed or the vegetable patch. This is not the most attractive method so if you host backyard parties or often have company admiring your garden, this may not be the best choice. You can also sprinkle copper pennies to repel the snails. Copper creates a repulsive electro-neural signal which the snail detests. This acts almost like an electric shock for the snail.

Crushed egg shells can also help to get rid of snails. The egg shells have sharp edges which feel awful under the snail’s body. In the process they will avoid climbing the plants. This is actually an organic way of protecting your garden. Check with your technician at AAI pest control to find the most effective way to protect your garden from slugs and snails!

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