Preventing Slugs

Tips for Preventing Slugs Around Your Home

Preventing Slugs Around Your Home

Although slugs may look fragile and delicate, they can wreak serious havoc in your garden. As such, any serious gardener will tell you that preventing slugs around your home is an essential task that you need to do.

One of the essential steps you need to do for preventing slugs, according to a Modesto pest control company, is to understand this creature’s habits.

Slug Living Spots

Like snails, slugs prefer to live in dark and damp areas, usually among plants and humus. It is not unusual to find slugs between crevices and under stones, pots and other stuff in your garden.

Unlike snails, slugs do not hibernate. These creatures can withstand the cold weather. However, their population can substantially dwindle during the cold season. During summer, slugs can also die as they lose moisture quickly.

Slugs find food through their sense of smell, preferring young plants.

How can you effectively reduce slug populations in your garden?

Start by cleaning your landscape. Your goal is to remove places where these creatures can hide, as well as weeds. Next, eliminate hedges or grass borders around plants which are susceptible to these pests. Before frost and during warm and humid weather, dig around or plough to expose slugs and their eggs. This will leave them vulnerable to natural predators. If there is a severe infestation on your property, you can use aluminum sulphate.

During dry weather, make it a habit to frequently hoe the soil to expose both adults and their eggs. Plus, when the soil is finely worked, it becomes harder for slugs to hide.

Using Proper Soil 

Another way to eliminate slugs from your property is to make the soil sour and acidic. However, if you are going to use lime, do not use too much as this can encourage snails. You can then improve the soil by using well-rotted compost.

Consider companion planting to boost your defense against slugs. You can encourage the growth of wildflowers during fall. Before planting, make sure that you inspect the plants you recently bought and look for signs of these pests.


Make it a habit to inspect hardscapes where slugs can hide. From time to time, schedule your mowing sessions at night to kill slugs lurking in the grass.

For mulching, consider using well-rotted organic materials which are less attractive to pests compared to fresh material. Mulches serve both as a home and food source for these pests. However, mulches can also house the natural enemies of slugs.

Have you tried everything to prevent slugs but still find them lurking? Contact your local Stockton pest control professionals at AAI Pest Control and allow them to assist with your slug problem.

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