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How to Prevent Spiders in the Winter

How to Prevent Spiders in the Winter

Are you seeing a lot of spiders in your home this winter – so many, that you’re afraid you’re housing an Acromantula colony (sorry to those who aren’t familiar with “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”) in your home? The presence of several spiders in your home is not an invasion; what you’re seeing is the natural instinct of spiders to scurry into places where they can go about life. Since they’re cold-blooded, it’s not really like they’re retreating from the cold; it’s much more likely that you’re seeing active adult males looking around for potential mates in hiding.

If you aren’t happy that spiders are using your abode for their mating needs, a Modesto pest control company has some tips on how to prevent spiders from creeping into your home — and they’re certainly better than the common inclination that most people have to simply chase after and hit them with a broom.

Identify Entry Points

Identify the different entry points in your house that the arachnids are likely to use and then seal them off completely. Common entry points are cracks in the basement walls and window casings; use caulk and seal these entrances right away.

Dispose of Items That Spiders Usually Like to Hide Away In

One of the most reliable winter spider prevention methods is to get rid of boxes, piles of paper, and empty containers.

Vacuum Your Furniture and Drapes

If there already are arachnids at home, hiding in these things, they won’t be able to escape the sucking power of a good vacuum cleaner. Do this every season, especially during the spring when spiders are most active.

Vacuum Everywhere, and Thoroughly!

That includes ceilings, walls, doorframes, and all the nooks and crannies where you normally see webs.

Dust Free Home

Make sure your home is free of dust; this will get rid of the extant spider, insects, eggs, and egg sacs in your home. Sweep and mop often. If you’re going to use special cleaners for mopping your floors and wiping surfaces, opt for citrus-scented ones, or make your own natural citrus surface cleaners. It’s common knowledge that spiders hate citrusy things.

Good Cleaners

Another good surface cleaner you should use in order to prevent the appearance of spiders in your home is white vinegar. Spray pure white vinegar on surfaces for some polishing and spider-repelling action.


Sprinkle borax in places where you normally see the eight-legged creatures. Spiders die when they get into borax.

Scent Your Home

Scent your home with peppermint, cinnamon, citronella, eucalyptus and other aromatics that spiders dislike.

The best way to prevent spiders and keep these creepy crawlies out of your home is to schedule regular visits with your local Stockton pest control company. Contact AAI Pest Control today to schedule your routine visit.

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