Pincher Bug Prevention

Pincher Bug Prevention for Your Home

With their pinchers accounting for a substantial portion of their bodies, pincher bugs (also known as earwigs) can indeed look menacing. However, these insects pose no serious harm to the members of your household. One of the most commonly asked questions questions we get is, Do pincher bugs bite? and the answer is, not usually. Earwigs do bite, but only if they are handled or sat upon. And according to people who have been bitten before, bites from earwigs are only mildly painful. Another myth is that these insects crawl into the ears of persons to burrow inside brains, the opposite is true. There has been no documented cases of such. 

What pincher bugs are attracted to

If you wish to prevent earwigs from entering your home, it is worthwhile to have an understanding of their habits. These insects are nocturnal. This simply means that they come out at night to feed. Earwigs are considered as scavengers, feeding on decomposing materials including dead insects and decaying plant matter. Some species are drawn to light and feed on live plants, including crops.

Typically, these insects are drawn to dark and damp areas. As such, they are typically found under stones, sidewalks, mulch, leaf litter and other types of debris.

Pincher bugs often enter a home through the doors and windows. In some instances, they enter a house through the foundation. Typically, you will find earwigs in and around the foundation of your home where they multiply quickly.

Eliminate your chances of earwigs in your home

If you do not want these insects as house guests, the most critical thing that you need to do is to eliminate sources of moisture in and around your home. As much as possible, remove moisture from tight spaces like crawl spaces and foundations and even around faucets. It is also highly recommended for homeowners to direct the water from rain gutters and spouts away from the home.

You can use either weather stripping or caulk to seal the possible entry points that these insects may use, including windows, doors and pipes. You may also want to create a dry border around the perimeter of your foundation wall by using gravel or ornamental stones.

Some species of earwigs are attracted to lights. As such, consider reducing lighting outside your home during nighttime especially in areas that the members of your family do not frequent.

If you do find these insects crawling around your home, give your local pest control experts a call. With their knowledge and experience, they can implement the best plan of action to remove these insects from your Modesto, CA home.

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