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Pest Control Myths Debunked

Persistent Pest Control Myths You Have to Stop Believing

Plenty of pest control myths have been refuted by the industry experts, and yet they still persist. One reason behind that is that these have been handed down for generations without people questioning their validity. In some cases, myths seem valid on the surface, but upon further scrutiny there is no shred of evidence that can back them up.

Often, the persistence of these myths about pest control can prevent people from getting to the root of the problem and using viable solutions.

Listed here are some of the myths that the staff at a Modesto pest control company have often heard from their clients.

Myth: Mice love to eat cheese.

Fact: You’ve seen the cartoons, from Tom and Jerry to Looney Tunes — the mouse character is immediately drawn to the sight and aroma of cheese. The truth is that although mice do eat cheese, they would much rather prefer sugary treats.

Myth: Bed bugs thrive in dirty homes.

Fact: Bed bugs are attracted to and feed on blood. Whether your home is clean or dirty doesn’t matter to these insects. The only difference is that a cluttered home provides bed bugs with more hiding places.

Myth: Aerosol bug bombs can effectively deal with bed bugs.

Fact: You might actually compound your woes by using aerosol bug bombs that you can find at a local store. For one, these products can spread the bed bug infestation to other parts of your home. Second, the effects of these products do not last long enough to make a significant dent on the problem.

Myth: Mosquitoes only come at night and you can use bug zappers to deal with these.

Fact: Contrary to what some people believe, there are some species of mosquitoes that are active by day. One such species is the Aedes aegypti which transmits the dreaded Zika virus.

As for bug zappers, these do not deter mosquitoes. Like bed bugs, mosquitoes are drawn to blood.

Myth: Building your home on top of a concrete slab makes it invincible to termites.

Fact: No. Termites can easily climb over concrete to get to the parts of your home made out of wood.

Myth: Ultrasonic repellents work.

Fact: These products make bold claims which are simply unfounded. This is why the Federal Trade Commission has filed charges against the manufacturers. Save yourself (and your money) from the hassle and buy proven and tested products.

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