Pest Control 101: Everything About Bed Bugs

Pest Control 101: Everything About Bed Bugs

There’s probably nothing worse than imagining bed bugs crawling all over your safe haven for the night, whether it be a hotel, bed and breakfast, your relative’s house or worse, your own bedroom! 

Before, people would associate bed bug infestations with unsanitary conditions. However, these days, most everyone knows that bed bugs don’t care much about the cleanliness of a place; all they want to do is feed on human blood when and where they want. In fact, even posh hotels and hospitals have become breeding places for these pests when precautionary measures are not practiced periodically.

So really, even when you think you do, you really don’t know everything about bed bugs… not just yet.  

To help you understand more about these pesky, nightmarish pests, the experts in bed bugs in Stockton share their knowledge and expertise so you can ultimately drive them out of your place, and kill them once and for all!

They bite… hard!

Well, not really. No. Unless you are particularly sensitive to bed bug bites, you will barely feel the little buggers piercing your skin with their proboscis. Some have noted that their bites sometimes come in threes, termed: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Any skin exposed while you’re asleep is fair game; and yes, they are nocturnal, so they are active when you are supposed to be snoozing away.

Their bite can irritate the skin and lead to itchiness and inflammation. People with allergies or who are particularly sensitive to their bites may suffer more serious side effects such as nausea, difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat, and other allergic reactions which require immediate medical attention.

Physical and psychological damage

Aside from giving you itchy lumps and smelling awful, bed bugs also wreak havoc on the mind. Some people have experienced sleeplessness or sleep deprivation when the trauma of a bed bug infestation takes shape. Others who manage to sleep get troubled sleep without being able to reap the benefits of quality slumber.

Feelings of helplessness in the wake of an infestation worsen the consequences of sleep deprivation, thereby causing victims to feel anxious, depressed and chronically fatigued. Others even experience obsession and paranoia over bed bugs.

Bed bug extermination

You know that you already have a serious infestation if you start finding bedbugs outside of your bedroom. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of, and with the extent of the damage wrought, it may be best to call pest control technicians to do the job for you.

While pest control companies use both chemical and non-chemical solutions depending on the situation, there are also things you can do to ensure bed bugs don’t come back once they are successfully eradicated from your premises.

  • Change your bedroom linen regularly and with greater frequency
  • Avoid furniture with cracks, seams or crevices 
  • Wash and dry bedding and clothes on high heat (especially after an infestation)
  • Thoroughly vacuum upholstered items regularly
  • Get rid of all items that used to house bed bugs no matter how new they are; preferably, keep them exposed to sunlight or incinerate them
  • Be on the lookout for signs of bed bug infestation in hotels and other temporary accommodation when traveling
  • Check your luggage thoroughly to ensure there are no bedbugs hitching a ride on it

There are many other facets of the bed bug problem you may want to explore. So remember, the best defense against any pests like bed bugs is knowledge, getting the right information so you know exactly how to strike back, and reclaim your home and peace of mind. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your pest control experts in Stockton, California.

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