The Benefits of Monthly Pest Control

Monthly Pest Control Vs. One Time Visit


Is it better to have a one-time but major pest prevention solution or a more sustained monthly pest control visit? Both options are available, so it mainly depends on what you want.

While a one-shot solution seems the more preferable choice, you may be expecting too much. Pest problems cannot be forever eliminated. It would be wonderfully convenient to pay for a single but major visit, but you have to remember that you’re dealing with bugs here. Some of them have been around since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, so you can expect them to be around for millennia to come.


Pests-A Continual Threat

Also, it’s a safe assumption that you wouldn’t be giving up food, so you’ll continue to store it in your home. As long as there’s food in your home, pests are going to remain a threat. Won’t a single visit take care of the problem? It will definitely be effective – up to a point. This is why, on the question of monthly pest control vs. one time visit, a good Modesto pest control company would rather recommend and deliver a more sustained pest control method. Those pests are going to keep on coming back, so it’s best to have a regular service addressing their constant attempt to take up residence in your home.

With monthly pest control services, you can ensure that all burgeoning pest problems will be nipped in the bud. You’ll never have to worry about facing a full-blown infestation that could lead to a lot of inconvenience, expense, safety hazards, and other headaches.


Preventative Pest Control Visits

Regular visits are more preventive than anything. It is in the Modesto pest control company’s best interest to keep your place pest-free. This means less work for its crew. At your end, this means a more wholesome home. With pests prevented from ever entering, there would be less use of chemicals. You’ll also be advised on pest prevention, so you can actively contribute to keeping your home free of insects and rodents.


So if you’re considering monthly pest control vs. one time visit, keep in mind that there’s no “forever fix” when it comes to pests. It’s better to regularly ensure that their constant threat is addressed to continue enjoying a pest-free home. AAI Pest Control is one of the best and most trusted pest control companies in Stockton, Modesto and Tracy area. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about a monthly pest control service.


The Benefits of Monthly Pest Control Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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