What Does It Mean to Be GreenPro Certified?

Termites, ants, roaches and all other vermin and pests certainly don’t have a place in a clean and healthy home. But if it happens that you get some sort of home invasion from any of these, you’ll need the help of a professional pest control service to get them off your property completely, and quickly! Before you go ahead and hire the first pest control company you see advertised on Google, or in the classifieds, make sure first that it is GreenPro Certified. But what does it mean to be GreenPro Certified?

To answer this question, we’ve asked a Stockton pest control expert to explain what sets pest control companies that are GreenPro Certified apart.

Environmentally responsible solutions

Eco-consciousness has been around for a while, and it has never rung more strongly than in the present. In order to stay competitive, companies need to ensure they can meet the changing requirements in their industry. Pest control companies are no different.

Service providers in the pest control industry are required to adhere to strict environmental standards. 

Eco-friendly pest control companies in your neighborhood or community will have GreenPro certification. This certification is a hallmark that their methods are unquestionably environment-friendly. 

Credibility and integrity

Pest control companies that prioritize their readiness to provide alternative solutions need to meet established qualifications. Also, they must go through a stringent process to gain certification. Getting certified by GreenPro indicates a company’s unequivocal commitment to delivering effective, compliant and high-quality pest control services to their clients.

The National Pest Management Association or NPMA, credits GreenPro certifications to pest management professionals. As long as they can adhere to the standards and requirements set for them to follow.

Honesty and transparency

GreenPro Certified pest control companies openly talk about the differences between traditional pest management techniques and their innovative green solutions.

They are knowledgeable about the old tools used as well as the newer green strategies for pest control.

In extreme cases where the better option is to use a pesticide, they will work out a plan to ensure minimal impact. Since their approach is holistic, they start by ensuring food sources in your place are disposed of or destroyed.


What Does It Mean to Be GreenPro Certified? Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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