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Long Term Bird Control Options for Commercial Properties

What Makes OvoControl an Effective Long-Term Bird Control Solution?

Although flocks of pigeons are a familiar sight in many parts of the country, these birds were actually brought to America by early settlers around the 1600s. Originally, these birds were intended to be used as a source of food, hobby and communications. However, a good part of the bird population escaped and the number of feral pigeons flourished.

While some people see nothing wrong with pigeons, these birds can wreak considerable havoc in a city or industrial site if their population is not controlled.

Some of the types of damage and risks associated with pigeons are deterioration and damage of buildings due to bird droppings; aesthetic problems, especially in parks, statues, and cars; food contamination; the spread of diseases, and bird-aircraft collisions. This is when we begin getting phone calls to solve the problem.

Due to the damage and risks associated with feral pigeon populations, humans have sought ways to effectively control these birds. Among the most commonly used bird control methods are anti-roosting wires, plastic netting systems, porcupine wires, ultrasonics, distress signal call systems, electric wires, trapping, and poisoning.

While many of our clients have found some measure of success with these bird control methods, it cannot be denied that controlling feral bird populations remains an ongoing challenge for many urban areas like Modesto and Stockton, CA. One of the key reasons behind that is that pigeons breed rapidly. 

Furthermore, many groups have expressed alarm over some of the aforementioned bird control methods, especially poisoning. Quite simply, poisoning birds is inhumane, indiscriminate, ineffective, and dangerous to humans. One of the methods we commonly use are spikes to deter birds but this does not solve the long-term problem. 

One bird control solution that is fast gaining approval from the pest control industry is birth control for birds. What makes OvoControl an effective long-term bird control solution?

Unlike other bird control methods, OvoControl focuses on reducing the reproductive capabilities of feral pigeons. And unlike inhumane bird control methods like shooting, poisoning, and trapping, OvoControl facilitates the natural decline of the bird population. The advantage of this method is that the bird population is reduced to a manageable level while preventing other birds from taking over an area to fill in the space left by the death of the original members of the flock.

OvoControl works by interfering with the hatchability of the pigeon eggs. Depending on the dosage, the birds can either lay eggs that do not hatch or even stop laying eggs entirely. 

The bird control method has been judged humane by groups like the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

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