Birds are generally welcome visitors around the house. But what if they become pests, and start inhabiting places where you do not want them? Bird netting is a common practice however as a bird-b-gone licensed contractor we have many effective solutions. Check out the most effective ways in which you can keep the birds away from your favorite plants or even from entering your home.

You love the chirping of the bird early in the morning, but what it becomes an annoying cacophony and your peace is disturbed. Woodpeckers can be quite disturbing when they look out for they are guarding their territories. Other birds can actually disturb the plants and spoil the garden by eating fruits and flowers. Even the birds resting in the attics, porches and vents are not always welcome. Sometimes they can even do damage to the home, other times bird droppings be a nuisance or in extreme cases they can cause threats to your health.

How DIY Bird Removal can be Unsafe

Before you proceed to remove the birds, you should know which species are protected and which are not. Call in the experts who can help you in this matter. You should be aware that bird droppings can cause a lot of harm. If you are attempting to clean them, please ensure that you are properly protected. The spores of the droppings, if airborne, can actually affect the human body leading to flu-like symptoms.

Bird Removal Solutions

With AAI you will have the experts who can ensure that your house is free from any unwelcome guests. If you have a solar panel at home, and the birds continuously visit it, making it impossible to work properly we have solutions to help you protect that investment. Sparrows are nice little birds, but often they also become a pest. If they are hogging your balcony too much and you hardly have any moment of peace, then it is time to find a solution.

The best thing about working with AAI Pest is that we provide bird deterrents for industrial, commercial and residential settings. Choosing the right bird control product is absolutely essential. You have to know where the birds are landing and what kind of damage has already been done. Are they nesting or looking for food? For birds that land on the roof edge, you can install a bird spike or a bird shock track system which can control the birds. This might sound harmful but it is a low profile electric track that will not harm the birds. What the shock does is allow the birds to change landing habits quickly and humanely. The best part is the track is almost invisible.

Bird Removal Services

At AAI Pest Control, our technicians are professionally trained with many different effective bird removal solutions. We solve your pest bird problems with a bird control solution called Bird-B-Gone. We are trained and certified to install and treat various types of pest bird problems with affordable, humane and aesthetically pleasing products. We will assess the issue with you and come up with the best solution for you before we begin the work. Consider us the #1 expert in bird control management. Below is a list of products we are experts in installing to solve your bird problems.

  • Spike Systems
  • Electric Shock Systems
  • Bird Wire
  • Bird Netting (10 year Guarantee)
  • EPA Approved Bird Hazing System
  • Bird Slope
  • Humane Live Traps
  • Bird Spider

Bird Exclusion Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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