How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Car

Mice are some of the most destructive pests you can have in your home. They will munch on anything they can get their teeth on human food, paper, clothes, carpets and rugs, furniture, and even electrical wires. If you don’t take any steps to get rid of these pests, they will continue to destroy your possessions and your home, leaving a path of destruction that, unfortunately, you will have to clean up.

The team at AAI Pest Control says that mice can also do considerable damage to your car. They will also nibble on essential wires and your leather seats, and even get into the climate control system behind the dash. If you don’t want your car to harbor these ever-hungry rodents, you need to take the necessary measures to keep them out of your prized vehicle.

Here are some useful tips on how to keep mice out of your car:

Make it hard for rodents to enter your car 

More of the time, rodents, and other animals only get into a vehicle because it’s easy. This means car owners simply leave their car on the street and under trees where rodents sometimes live.  As such, keep your car in the garage. Keep the garage clean all the time and ensure that there are no obvious entrances for small animals to use. Before leaving your car, make sure all the doors and the sunroof are completely closed, and the windows rolled up.

Clean your car.

Make your car less appealing to mice by keeping it clean. Remove sources of food such as paper, cardboard, and human and pet food. Keep the interior and luggage compartments tidy all the time since rodents love staying in these areas.

Keep your car dry and moisture-free.

Mice are naturally attracted to moist areas. You can prevent mice from entering your car by keeping condensation from building up in your vehicle. Condensation in vehicles can be caused by various issues including a blocked pollen filter or a leak in the heater. It can even be caused by damp clothing or fabric left in the car.  Make sure you deal with condensation and dampness problems in your car as soon as possible to avoid attracting mice.

Park your car away from trees or foliage.

As already mentioned, avoid parking your vehicle under trees or near bushes since rodents can climb down from these plants and try to enter your car.  Avoid leaving your car in places where leaves can surround it as well since the foliage will form a pathway to your vehicle which rodents will use.

Mice and other rodents are constantly on the hunt for a warm, safe place to call their home. Your car can offer them the sanctuary and food they are looking for. You can prevent mice from destroying your car by following the tips shared above.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact AAI Pest Control.

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