How To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Garage

A garage is a great addition to your property since it protects your cars. Also, it provides additional storage. In fact, this can double as a workspace.

The problem, however, is that bugs and other pests can invade your garage.

So how exactly will you keep these bugs out of your space? An exterminator in Modesto shares a number of methods. Here are some steps you should take if your garage has become infested with pests.

Step 1: Remove Pests

Make sure that your garage is rid of the pests. A Modesto pest control company can perform the appropriate extermination techniques if you have a serious pest infestation. The goal is to eradicate the problem and establish a clean slate so that, hopefully, you will only have minor pest problems in the future that will not entail investing in professional help later on. These professionals can also give you additional tips on how to keep bugs out of your garage for the long term.

Step 2: Clean it up

Clear your garage and carefully sweep the floor. As you are doing this, dry the spots of moisture with a portable fan or dry cloth. Remember that most insects thrive in moisture and may nest in debris. So, do not give unwanted pests any opportunity to create their shelter or find a source of food in your garage.

Aside from sweeping up any potential food lying around, you should also make sure that there are no possible food lures. For instance, clean and dry the grill you use for cooking food thoroughly before storing it in your garage. Also, if you are storing food in your garage, make sure that everything is sealed tightly.

Step 3: Check for Cracks

Preventing pests from getting in is the best way to stop them from living in your garage. You must check for any cracks in the walls, ceiling, or foundation. Also, look for any gaps near the windows where pests can enter. Make sure to seal all cracks with silicone caulk.

Furthermore, make sure that the garage door goes all the way to the ground. Check if the weather stripping around the garage is intact as well; each time you have a problem here, this could create a wide opening that pests can take advantage of. Regular garage door maintenance is crucial to ensure that your garage door is always working properly.

Step 4: Lay Traps

Catch all pests that try to make their way into your garage by laying traps. Do not forget to regularly replace these traps, and consider spraying pesticides around your windows, doors, garage door entrance, and walls.

If you have a garage, bugs will constantly try to get in it. During summer, they will search for an excellent source of food and moisture. During winter, they seek warmth. Whichever season it is, make sure to take steps to check for and eliminate unwanted guests from your garage. If the pest problem has become too serious for DIY methods to address, contact AAI Pest Control immediately.

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