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Indian Meal Moth Infestation

Tips For Controlling And Managing An Indian Meal Moth Infestation Problem

The Indian meal moth is considered the most common type of pest affecting stored foods in the U.S. and North America. This particular type of pest reproduces quickly in homes, warehouses, and other areas where food products are typically stored.

In households, Indian meal moths and their larvae are often found in pantries devouring grains, milled foods, cereals, nuts, dried fruits and herbs, and processed foods. Once these pests become adults, they fly mindlessly around, especially at night when they are more active, becoming a common nuisance.
According to experts from a trusted Modesto pest control company, Indian meal moths can enter your home through a couple of ways. First, they can be brought into your home when you buy and store a food product that is already infested. Although manufacturers promise to deliver foods that are pest-free, they do not always succeed.

Second, these pests can also come from the supermarket, store, or supplier. If these establishments or their storage areas already have an infestation of this insect, they will crawl into the food packages. Again, when you bring these packages into your home, you are unknowingly transporting some pests, too.

Control and Management of Meal Moths

When you see both live and dead Indian meal moths in your pantry, food packages, and containers, especially in grains and other milled foods, you may already be dealing with an infestation.

To bring this infestation under control, follow the tips below:

Inspect all food products that you think may be exposed to an infestation. Check all opened and unopened items along with the ones you have placed in containers. If the product is infested, throw it out immediately.

If you find an infested area, remove all food items, containers, and utensils. Clean this area thoroughly since this is the best and fastest way to control these pests. Use a vacuum to get rid of the larvae. Make sure you run the vacuum over crevices and cracks since these areas may contain scraps of food such as flour and other products. After vacuuming, dispose of the vacuum bag properly.

You can also use pheromone traps to monitor and control adult Indian meal moths.  These are diamond-shaped glue traps that are used alongside a pheromone lure which uses a male sex attractant.
Room foggers can also be used to control large numbers of flying moths.

Finally, before buying foods such as milled cereal products, flour, nuts, dried fruits, and other favorites of Indian meal moths, check them for signs of an infestation. Avoid purchasing broken and damaged packages and boxes so that you won’t accidentally bring stored pests into your home. Check the packaging date as well to ensure the product’s freshness.

If the infestation is severe and widespread, get help from a reputable, licensed pest control service provider such as a reputable Modesto pest control company. Their team has sufficient training and experience and the right equipment and supplies to safely and completely eliminate your pest problem.

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