how to identify rat damage

How to Identify Rat Damage

Early action is key to avoiding extensive (and costly) rat damage. Here’s how to identify rat damage

Unwanted Visitors

A lot of people say that dogs are man’s best friend, having been with their masters even before other animals were domesticated. Certainly, there’s a compelling case to be made about rats being man’s arch enemy/animal, figuring prominently in various points in human history.

As if it is not enough that homeowners have to worry about the damage and health risks posed by these rodents, property owners may also have to pay a steep price for the presence of these unwelcome visitors in their houses.

Signs of Rodent Activity

Although it is impossible to actually monitor rodent activity during your waking hours, rats do leave a trail of signs, seemingly advertising their presence in your home.

Rats will leave plenty of signs. One of the most evident are chew or bite marks found on common household items. These rodents have an incessant need to chew and will turn their attention to materials or items that capture their sense of smell.

In households, rats will commonly target pet food. Rummage through your cabinet and look for gnawed boxes and food bags. After making a thorough survey of your cabinets, look beneath the sink. Rodents rely on your plumbing for their water supply. In any of these areas, you will notice grease marks, urine, droppings and chew marks.

Rats will also target other materials in order to curb the growth of their incisors. One of their favorite materials is wood where they often leave teeth marks. Recently chewed areas will have a lighter color due to the untreated wood beneath the treated surface.

Rats are also known to chew their way into different structures and materials like ceilings, walls, roof rafters and support beams in order to get to sources of food and water.

The Unexpected Cost

Unfortunately, many home insurance companies will not pay for these damages unless you are ready to shell out a huge sum for a higher premium. Most companies will readily pay for damage wrought by wildlife. But from rat damage, don’t get your hopes too high and expect much. But although insurance companies will not pay for damage directly caused by rats and mice, they will pay for consequent damage like the breakdown of pipes or chewed wires. However, be prepared to take money out of your own pocket for pest control services.

If you notice these and other tell-tale signs, call your local pest control experts in order to prevent further damage to your home and property.

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