How to get rid of carpet beetles

How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

While they are commonly called carpet beetles, the pests that bear that name aren’t only interested in your carpets. Carpet beetles will eat anything in their way, including upholstery, books, clothes and any other natural fibers they come across. Read on and learn how to get rid of carpet beetles before you reach for the phone for help from Modesto pest control professionals.

Confirm Their Presence

Carpet beetles are usually black in color. However, some may have a combination of black, white and tan on their bodies. Adults grow to a maximum of about 15cm. The first place that you should observe for these adults is around the doors and windows of your home. The larvae stay close to their sources of food, so you are more likely to see them (by using a magnifying glass) when you lift the carpet, under baseboards or in any hidden recesses of natural fibers.

You should also be on the lookout for the telltale signs of carpet beetle damage (carpets with bare spots, holes in clothes and books, etc.). How to get rid of carpet beetles in your home will depend on the results of your investigation in this first step. Take the steps below once you have confirmed the presence of these pests. Note that only the larvae cause damage. The adults are just a harmless nuisance.

Clean Thoroughly

Carpet beetles are most likely to invade your home in the spring, according to our experienced Stockton pest control applicators. This is the best time to get rid of these pests once and for all by cleaning any affected fabrics thoroughly. Vacuum the carpets, curtains, cushion covers and any other upholstery in your home.

Next, use high heat to launder all clothes that show signs of carpet beetle activity. That high heat and the washing detergent will kill any eggs, larvae and adult carpet beetles in those fabrics. Take any other items that you can’t wash on your own to a dry cleaner.

Wear Your Exterminator Hat

Don’t be contended with just the two measures above. Take extra steps to kill any eggs, larvae and adult carpet beetles which may have survived your onslaught on the steps above. Select one of the DIY options below to get rid of the remaining carpet beetles.

  • Treat surfaces with an insecticide. Buy a pesticide that contains either bifenthrin, deltamethrin or cyfluthrin as active ingredients. It is important for you to know these active ingredients because this information will make it easier for you to select an appropriate product from the different brands of insecticides on the market. Consult a Stockton pest control professional in case you aren’t sure of what will give the best results.
  • Apply diatomaceous earth. You can also visit agricultural stores and buy this natural product (diatomaceous earth) for use in your fight against carpet beetles. Select the food-grade version so that it doesn’t pose any safety hazard to your pets or the members of your household. Sprinkle this powder on all the surfaces where carpet beetle activity was observed or is suspected. The pests will be dehydrated once the diatomaceous earth comes in contact with them and they will die. Wear appropriate protection so that you don’t inhale the powder.
  • Get boric acid. Boric acid also works in the same way as diatomaceous earth. Buy this product from any pharmacy near you and spread it evenly on all carpets, curtains or elsewhere where carpet beetles have been hanging out. Let it sit for a few hours and vacuum the surfaces after that wait period.
  • Fog the adults. Buy a fogging machine and use it to get rid of any adult carpet beetles which may be flying about. Assess the infestation and pick a fogger meant for indoor use or outdoor use depending on your needs.

Avert Future Attacks

Your efforts to get rid of the existing carpet beetles would go to waste if you didn’t take additional steps to avert future infestations of the same pests. Get an insecticide spray and use it on any stray carpet beetles before they have a chance to lay eggs in your home. Place sticky traps on windows to catch carpet beetles trying to enter your home. You can also talk to our experts at AAI Pest Control in case carpet beetle attacks have persisted in your home. An appropriate control and prevention mechanism will be implemented so that you can have your home to yourself once again.


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